1969 Pontiac GTO


Pontiac GTO
Body Type
Fuel Type
80 km (50 miles)
over 1 year
United States

Just Toys Classic Cars

Just Toys Classic Cars
2000 Principal Row Orlando, FL 32837, USA

Classic Pontiac GTO for Sale


  • Leather Seats


Just Toys Classic Cars is very proud to present avery rare GTO. They only made 549 coupes with 4 speed transmissions in 1969 and this is one of them and boy is it special. The fit and finish on this beauty is second to none. A lot of money was spent on this two owner restoration and it shows. The paint on this beauty is miles deep. It looks like you could stick your arm in it and come out like it is covered in oil. There are next to no miles put on this car since it was done and it shows.

Hopefully we have your attention with this very rare goat. Now, slide yourself around to the driver side door and slide in to a very well appointed and new interior. The red interior in this beauty looks like it just came down the assembly line yesterday. You will not find a rip or tear anywhere in this car. As you will see in the pics, there are some nice upgrades that are obvious, and others not as much. The obvious ones are the AM/FM/CD mounted under the dash with the cold A/C. This looks very clean and keeps the original radio in its in place. A couple things that you may not see right away would be the push start button on the dash that is functional, and the modern GM style rear view mirror. These are some modern touches that ad a cool factor to a very cool car. There are a lot more that go along with that including the LED lights in the interior as well as under the car when you open the door. This car has cool written all over it.

Now that we have told you about the starter button, turn that key forward, press in the clutch (yes you have to on this car) and hit that starter button and listen to that Pontiac EXCITEMENT come to life. This is the numbers matching 400 Ram Air IV that has been stroked out to a 462. They are the original heads that have been worked over, and it is also the original intake and carb and manifolds. This car makes a ton of power as you can imagine. It is all mated to the original and rebuilt 4 speed transmission and all of that goes out to the original rear end. This car was orderd with 4.30 gears which are still around. Now in the pumpkin sit 3.36's which make it still awesome off the line, but still great to drive on the highway. Now, step off that clutch and get ready to leave some dust in your rear view mirror.

As you go through 4 speed, you are going to feel that hotchkis suspension really grab the road. Then when you go to throw this bad boy in to a turn you are going to see just how flat it stays because you have sway bars that are the size of half dollars. We could go on for hours about how much this car has on it and how cool it is, but the pics really do speak for themselves. We offer classic car financing for anyone that wants to take advantage of the option. It is a great way to get the car of your dreams and not take all of your cash out of the bank at once.

Steering Wheel
Left-hand drive (LHD)
Drive Wheels
Rear wheel drive (RWD)
Interior Color
Just Toys Classic Cars
Just Toys Classic Cars
United States of America

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