1961 Lancia Flaminia 2500 3C Sport Zagato S2

349 750 EUR

1961 Lancia Flaminia 2500 3C Sport Zagato S2

349 750 EUR
  • Model
    Lancia Flaminia 2500 3C Sport Zagato S2
  • Year
  • Condition
  • Body Type
  • Fuel Type
  • Power
    109 kw (148 hp)
  • Mileage
    68,215 km
  • Address
    Nijverdalseweg 117 D 7461 TC Rijssen The Netherlands
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  • Published
    6 days
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Bloemendaal Classic & SportscarsNijverdalseweg 117 D 7461 TC Rijssen The Netherlands
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Zagato… For lovers of exotic classic cars’s a legendary name. A name associated with famous brands such as Fiat, Alfa Romeo, and in this case Lancia. Carrozzeria Zagato was founded in 1919 by Ugo Zagato. He developed lightweight bodyëns for the aforementioned car manufacturers, using aerospace techniques. After World War II, Zagato also built bodyëns for Italian manufacturers Maserati, Abarth and Ferrari, but Zagato increasingly worked for manufacturers from other countries as well, such as Aston Martin and Bristol. A truly Zagato signature style element was the so-called ”Double Bubble”; a roofline in which above both seats the roof was slightly raised in the longitudinal direction of the car, creating two drop-shaped bumps on the roof. Surely one of the most successful designs, according to many enthusiasts, is the Lancia Flaminia 2500 3C Sport Zagato. We can now offer exactly that car. This Lancia is from 1961 and only 174 units were built. This fantastic Lancia has spent much of its life in England, namely from 1965 to 2007. Then the car was sold to the Netherlands and a full restoration was carried out over the next few years. For this workmanship, the Netherlands' dé Lancia Flaminia specialist, restorer Herman Rooswinkel, was called in. All the work was recorded on hundreds of photos’s that give a very good picture that nothing was left to chance, and only the best was good enough. From a bare body, and stripped of all aluminum sheet metal, the Lancia was rebuilt from scratch. An immense job that took quite some time to complete, but with the goal of making the car perfect again, and even better than it had ever been. For example, a few changes were made in the form of fitting the unique Zagato seats, which not only look great, but also sit much better than the original ones. Incidentally, these (unrestored) seats are included. Also included is the original steering wheel, because the owner had managed to get his hands on a much sought after and sublimely matching the red interior Franco Conti steering wheel.The great color called Grigio Newmarket is together with the Pelle Rossa leather interior the original color combination. So taste cannot be denied the first owner. It can be called both sporty and chic and an absoute value for an upper class design car like this Lancia Flaminia Zagato.Quant to technology, of course, really everything was also taken care of. In England, the 2500 cc. engine had once been swapped for the same type, but the 2800 cc of the same type Flamina Sport. The latter delivers more power than the 2500 cc and for this reason it was decided to fit this engine again. By the way, a (non-rebuilt) 2500 cc engine is included. This engine is of course beautiful to look at, and therefore stands as a shining display in the owner's office. So the office will also look a lot less attractive later after the car is sold.... The unmounted bumpers are obviously present, but chances are you will agree with the owner and us, that without the bumpers, the car may look even more attractive than with them. It accentuates the beautiful line of the car even more and is even more fluid.The car has been part of a great collection of Italian classics since its restoration, but may now go to a new owner due to “a bit too many cars’s”. This so in the Netherlands registered Lancia Flaminia Sport Zagato Series 2 is delivered including the parts already mentioned, but also with an extensive photo reportage of the restoration, many invoices and correspondence, the original Italian Certificato di Origine, English documents and the original instruction booklet.We are happy to fulfill the request to find a new caretaker for this fantastic piece of Italian history. You perhaps...?

Engine: V6
Carburization: 3 x double Weber
Cubic capacity: 2775 cc.Power: 148 hp. at 5600 rpm.
Torque: 207 Nm. at 3600 rpm.Top speed: 210 km/h
Weight: 1310 kg.
Speed gearbox: 4-speed transaxle manual transmission

123 electronic ignition
Zagato seats (original, unrestored seats are present)
Franco Conti steering wheel (original steering wheel is present)

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