OLD STYLE RALLY 2019 - A little bit a different Rally than you would expect ;-)

OLD STYLE RALLY 2019 - A little bit a different Rally than you would expect ;-)

Tour / Rally

Rallying like yesteryear
An exciting challenge for both driver and co-driver.
The rally is open for all who enjoy sporty driving, challen- ging navigation during the day and appreciate the eve- ning cosiness.

The rally
The rally will take place in the Vosges and Alsace in France. Driving on small and quiet country roads, you will discover the Alsace with its fairy-like villages, and the stunning 1001-lakes region of the Vosges.
The rally system is simple: the competitors are to drive from point to point or arrow in numerical order. Between the points and arrows, any road can be used. The check- points will be only on the points and arrows.
Each day offers a sporty route of about 300 km, which will keep both driver and co-driver busy from approxima- tely 8.30 to 5pm.
Although the system is not complicated, navigating may look a lot easier on the map than in the reality ...
During the day there will be a 15-minute coffee break and a 45-minute lunch break.
Back at the hotel you can relax at the bar or on the lake- side terrace and share the experiences of the day with the other competitors. Dinner starts at 8pm. After dinner the bar will be open to continue the exchange of exciting stories.

All inclusive package
For the duration of the event (3 nights) you will be stay- ing at the same hotel in Gérardmer. The Beau Rivage of- fers enough space for all participants.
The price of EUR 785.oo per person includes: 3 nights at the hotel, including breakfast, 3 four-course dinners, 2 lunches, 1 three-course lunch, all non-alcoholic bever- ages during lunch and dinner, maps, control sheets, rally plaques etc.

In order to get used to the rally system you have the pos- sibility to participate in the prologue on 26th May, which starts at Passwang (CH) and ends at the hotel in Gérard- mer. The prologue is recommended but not mandatory.

All registered cars built before 1989 will be accepted. Younger cars may be accepted on demand.
The number of participants is limited to 30 teams. Each team consists of two persons.

Old Style Test-Rally
If you are not familiar with this kind of rally system, do not worry. We have organised a Test-Rally.
If you like to experience how tricky it is to navigate from point to point with free choice of roads, take the oppor- tunity to drive our test-rally whenever you like. It is free of charge.
The Test-Rally is laid out around the lake of Sempach clo- se to Luzern (CH). It will offer you spectacular views and will last about 2.5 hours.
On request we will be glad to e-mail you the necessary documents for the Test-Rally.

Further information:
Verein «Old Style Rally»
Gartenweg 44, CH-6343 Buonas
+41(0) 41 460 48 84
+41(0) 79 224 76 4
[email protected]