How do I choose the location?

When placing an ad, you have to specify the location of the car. This is an easy and simple action that is performed during the first step. Click on “Set the car location on the map” button; a new window with the map will then open. If this does not happen, please check the settings in your browser. There is a possibility that it is blocking the opening of new windows. We recommend to use Firefox or Google Chrome browser. Set the car location on the map

The map is dynamic, which means you can zoom in or zoom out, or move the map all directions so that you can easily find the necessary country, city/town or even more detailed information. Check the location of the car that is for sale on the map, and click on the “Set location” selection. Set location on map

To change the location, click on “Change car location”. Additional coordinates, as well as directions on how to reach the destination, can be entered into the ad description or added to the seller’s contact information. Change car location in map

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