TRIM – what is this?

When designing we wanted to save time for our buyers and sellers, so we implemented a system for the automatic introduction of basic criteria – TRIM.

Having placed an ad, the system will automatically offer several basic options for the chosen car in the field below the car make, model and its year of manufacture. If you find an option that fits your car’s criteria – simply click on “Add the above trim data to the “Details” form”; part of the fields will be filled in automatically, they can be edited in further steps of placing the ad.

Fields that can be filled in automatically by selected the TRIM that is relevant to the model:

Other information from TRIM will be shown in the “Additional info” section of your ad.

Our database contains TRIM that will be relevant to you if your car was made from 1941 to 2016. There are some exceptions, where the model has no TRIM options. Nonetheless, Dyler’s database is constantly being updated, so in the near future you will be able to find every model.

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