Dents Men’s Red Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves In Navy



Add a little drama to your winter look thanks to our leather gloves with contrasting lining. Made from the finest cashmere for luxurious warmth and superior softness, the lining is a vibrant shade of red – certain to catch the eye. It provides the perfect contrast to the sleek hairsheep leather offered in three sophisticated shades – black, navy and English tan. The leather gloves are completed with handsewn decorative stitching and a stud fastener. An unconventional design for unconventional dressers.

  • Handsewn three-point decorative stitching on the back of the gloves elongates the look of the hand for a refined appearance
  • Cashmere lining brings warmth and a touch of luxury
  • Prix seam stitching (with both seams exposed on the outside of the glove) gives a casual look
  • Dents stud fastener helps fix the gloves for security
  • Gloves measure above the wrist for a close fit
  • Gloves have a regular fit – this is tailored but not tight, fitting most hand shapes and suiting both smart and casual dressing
  • Offered in a range of colours with contrasting red lining for an eye-catching design
  • Available in a range of sizes

Hairsheep Leather
The sheep that provides the leather grows hair, not wool, hence its name. The fine hair leaves no markings resulting in smooth leather. Favoured for its natural strength and elasticity, hairsheep leather is generally acknowledged as the best leather for gloves. Durable and supple, this is an excellent choice for lasting comfort.

A luxury natural fibre, from the hair of mountain goats, which is superbly soft, warm and lightweight.

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