Lancia Delta Integrale Eighties Sunset T-Shirt

Petrol Passion



Lancia Delta Integrale is a machine that truly lives up to its legendary status. Lightweight but extremely powerful, these ‘monstrous’ thoroughbreds achieved levels of road-racing performance that made them dangerous. With 6 consecutive WRC manufacturer titles running from 1987 to 1992, nor any came close to its 46 WRC wins during those years. Nowadays it is highly regarded and sought-after among enthusiasts.


Bright neon colours, compact cassettes, VHS. Just a few things that belong to the eighties tag. Our number-one series “Eighties Sunset” combines visual appeal of synthwave inspired aesthetic with remarkable interior designs of the golden era automotive world. Unsurpassed amount of detail and period-defining colorimetry creates incurable nostalgia with its own identity. In the artwork you can see Clarion CRX 111R head-unit, detailed cluster, gauges and many more details that we took our time to do.


All of our designs are vector-based, because we seek to achieve best overall quality. Petrol Passion is trying to only use eco-friendly materials when producing and shipping products around the world – each reuse of a material significantly reduces its carbon footprint. We have done it without any cost to your experience – every customer gets personalized gift packaging and note. Not just design, but sustainability. For the clothing, we print on comfortable tee shirts and sweatshirts using consistent DTG technology.

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