Chevrolet Corvette Book



A detailed look at the racing Chevrolet Corvette from its inception, construction, and subsequent updates through the years.

This revised reprint of a classic title covers the history and development of the racing Corvettes, from the car’s beginnings in the 1950s with just 250 horsepower, through the Corvette GTP of the 1980s, with over 1000 horsepower, and on to 1996, when 4th generation cars give way to the 5th generation.

Included are many interviews with the drivers who raced these exciting, weighty and always fast cars, including John Greenwood, Dick Gulstrand, Jerry Grant and ‘Fast’ Phil Curring, amongst others.

The book is illustrated with many quality photographs, supplied by General Motors and well-known motoring photographers; it also contains detailed specifications of the production cars, and road test reports.

  • The complete story of the racing Chevrolet Corvette from its inception to 2004
  • The only American sports car to gain international acceptance in this period
  • Detailed descriptions of the racing variants
  • Showcases the different designers involved in the Corvette’s history
  • Lists every model made from 1954 to 2004
  • Full production specs for every model
  • Original road text reports
  • Copiously illustrated with period photographs
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