About us

We believe that the Age of the Internet makes our world a better place, where neither distance nor time is an obstacle when seeking an exclusive and reliable investment. Out of our passion for classic cars, the idea of an innovative listing platform was born. Thus, we combined all the advantages that the Internet provides us, with our expertise in technology, and we created Dyler.com. We built this platform with the vision to conveniently, quickly, and effectively connect the sellers of Classic and Modern Car with potential buyers. At Dyler.com, we strive to be better, faster, and do more. To grow and improve is, therefore, not just our promise, but rather a full-fledged plan. Hereby, we present to you Dyler.com – the product of our passion.

Dyler.com officially launched in January 2017. Covering the European classified ads market for classic, exotic and racing cars is our main focus. Participation from other countries is more than welcome. However, we also want to express our appreciation and love of all things Classic, which is why a space called Classic Cars Blog was created on Dyler.com. On the Classic Cars Blog and Classic Passion Shop, we'll share our best insights on everything that fits in with our understanding of living with a passion for classic cars.

Every great product has its story, and ours was born out of the passion for Classic Cars and eCommerce. Combining these seemingly incompatible interests seemed implausible at first, but we see things differently, and we really enjoy the process of creating something new and unseen, so we took the risk. Having a unique outlook on things, which we like to think of as innovative and amusing, certainly helped a lot. It is hard to put into words, how excited we are about the possibility to venture into the world of Classic Cars. Let us share our excitement and joy with you, but not through words; through good deeds and hard work.