1981 Ferrari Mondial 8

  • Price
    44 950 EUR
  • Model
    Ferrari Mondial 8
  • Year
    1981 April
  • Condition
  • Color
  • Body Type
  • Fuel Type
  • Power
    157 kw (213 hp)
  • Mileage
    90,095 km (55,982 miles)
  • ID
  • Price
    44 950 EUR
  • Address
    Voshol 2/A 2411 NP Bodegraven
  • Country
  • Published
    4 months
JB Classic Cars
JB Classic Cars
Voshol 2/A 2411 NP Bodegraven, The Netherlandsjbclassiccars.com9 Cars

Classic Ferrari Mondial for Sale

Ferrari Mondial 8
Rev up this misunderstood sports car

There are a couple of good reasons to own and drive a Ferrari Mondial. One of them is to prove everybody else is wrong, and you are right. The Mondial is more a true Ferrari than most people think. Besides wearing the prancing horse logo with pride it is the well-thought-out concept of a usable 2+2 sports car which is powered by a happy revving V8 in the back. The outside of the box mentality of Italian design and Ferrari’s craftsmanship is demonstrated perfectly with the Ferrari Mondial 8 we offer for sale here.

Even when Italian designers keep an eye on their heritage while they draw new stuff, they are willing (and allowed) to take their designs to a next level. In case of the Mondial there’s much to say about the way it was designed by its creator, Leonardo Fioravanti. You know, the guy who’s responsible for the F40. Where Marcello Gandini finally got the attention and credits for his designs at Bertone in the last two decades, car designer Leonardo Fioravanti still lacks recognition by the main public for his creations at Pininfarina. After the Daytona he draw cars like the Mondial for Ferrari. His legendary Testarossa, 308 GTB, 288 GTO and F40 are always described as being designed by his employer.

While the Mondial’s predecessor, the 308 GT4, got away as cheapest Ferrari in the last decade, when its prizes went upwards, the Mondial still seems to be underrated. But for how long? People start to see it aged well. The complete package is right. And it drives even better than most people think. As long as you don’t get the slow US version of the Mondial 8. This fine example of the faster Mondial 8 EU-version offers nearly the same look and feel as its fellow Ferraris of the 80’s. The 2+2 shows a glimpse of the Testarossa, 308 GTB and even the 288 GTO. You can see they’re all family. Air intake scoops, wheel design, quad exhaust and dual round tail lights, it’s all Ferrari. Which makes sense because of Fioravanti’s styling on all of them. The chassis itself was developed as a supercar. It’s beyond any regular sports car. And even the Bosch fuel injected V8 engines and drivetrains were true Ferrari masterpieces which were used in the 308 and 328 GTB. They are well known for their reliability. This mix makes the Mondial great, because it is a perfect showcase of Italian car making.

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  • Steering Wheel
    Left-hand drive (LHD)
  • Drive Wheels
    Rear wheel drive (RWD)
  • 1st Reg. Country
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  • Electric windows
  • Air conditioning
JB Classic Cars
JB Classic Cars
Voshol 2/A 2411 NP Bodegraven, The Netherlandsjbclassiccars.com9 Cars
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