1927 Rolls-Royce 20hp Doctors Coupe by Park Ward

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    162 400 EUR145 000 GBP (listed)
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    Rolls-Royce 20hp Doctors Coupe by Park Ward
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    145 000 GBP
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    9 Globe Industrial Estate, Grays, Essex, RM17 6ST
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    United Kingdom
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    about 1 year
 Vintage & Prestige Classic Cars LTD
Vintage & Prestige Classic Cars LTD
9 Globe Industrial Estate Grays Essex, RM17 6ST, UKvandp.net295 Cars

Classic Rolls-Royce 20hp for Sale

Rolls Royce 1927 20 HP Park Ward Doctors Coupe with Dickey.

Chassis number GMJ64

Registration number: YE8888

Perfection needs few words:

A simply magnificent restoration over the past 7 or so years.  This car has had over $250,000 spent upon it not including the cost of the car to start with & the owners own labor hours.  

We see many fine cars but I can safely say this ranks among the top cars we have ever handled; Need we say more?  The car is currently in the USA.  We can arrange shipping to anywhere in the world.  It would be a  perfect entree to the worlds best events such as Pebble Beach or Villa D'Este, Hamton Court COncours etc.

An exhaustive list of the works undertaken is detailed below:

The engine was rebuilt including; 

Main bearings; 

Big end bearings;

Small end bushings; 

New rings; 

Camshaft redone; 

New valve springs;



New cam shaft follower springs;

New gaskets; 

Redone damper (slipper drive) drive with new discs, including set per factory special wrench;

New oil pump. Fiennes in line oil filter.

New oil sump float.

Head and block were checked in correctly, fixed as needed, the cylinder liners had been replaced, re honed, new rings, and including pressure and leak tested and treated for weeping.

The entire engine bolts, cleaned, re tapped, and repented and reinstalled.

The engine was repainted high temperature 2K paint.

The radiator was professionally cleaned out), and polished.The radiator was then further de-corroded (60 day fluid process) and then ceramic coated.

The Dynamo was cleaned and checked and Polished and resembled.

The Magneto was cleaned and checked, Polished and painted and reassembled.

The mechanism between the Magneto and Dynamo was taken apart, cleaned, aligned and resembled for proper operation.

The starter relay assembly was cleaned and polished, drained and re-oiled.

The distributor was removed disassembled and a new bushing installed and reassembled.

All new wires for the distributor and spark plugs.

New distributor cap.

The wiring throughout was completely replaced with period correct wiring along with the entire front and side conduits were replaced and the joints were cleaned and polished.

The brake light actuator was reworked and new Springs and reassembled.

The lines for the brake actuator were encased in conduits.

The transmission was opened and cleaned drained and cleaned, new heavy duty oil.

The clutch was inspected and is in perfect working order.

All the linkage from the engine to the transmission was clean inspected and repainted.

The Engine splash pans were removed, hot washed, light acid cleaned, reworked as needed.

The carburetor was removed and sonically cleaned, and new Jets installed.

A drain line for the carburetor was added.

The auto vac was completely rebuilt with new float gaskets and a new box chamber, the Box chamber is made out of stainless steel so it will not corrode, and then it was painted high quality black.

All linkage for the carburetor and distributor, radiator idle controls were cleaned painted and polished.

The top valve cover was powder coated for longevity.

The inspection covers on the right side for valve adjustment or powder coated for longevity.

The upper and lower exhaust manifolds powder coated for longevity.

A new multi-part fan belt was installed.

New Nest Hill single and double fantail hose clamps installed total of 6.

The water pump was disassembled, inspected, repacked and new gaskets.

The radiator fan was removed along with the lower pulley and was down to bare metal and powder coated for longevity.

The top valve cover was powder coated for longevity.

The inspection covers on the right side for valve adjustment or powder coated for longevity.

The upper and lower exhaust manifolds powder coated for longevity.

All the oil lines and gas lines were professionally cleaned polished and reinstalled and checked for leaks.

The engine was Bench tested for approximately 1 hour (3 times), each time re-torqueing the heads and resetting the valves. And then ran several times in the chassis with the same procedure. 

The petrol tank was removed de-corroded and then coated with a special sealer, and exterior powder coated for longevity.

The gas tank line attachment was cleaned and polished and new screws fitted.

The gas gauge was reworked including the dial face.

The exhaust system was rebuild from all new to proper to Rolls Royce (RROE RROC) spec Drawings, including a 4 ft long 5” diameter silencer with cone ends and 8 bolt flanges, along with an outer 5.26 in diameter metal shroud with a fiber blanket between that and the silencer, and including the drilled interior baffles as shown in the drawing, and new brackets.

The battery box was reworked and includes the battery top and Bakelite pieces on both sides along with the metal corners & bottom protectors.

On off switch and trickle charge added.

The rear axle differential was inspection plate taken off de-corroded, oil drained and re-oiled along with a new lower adapter nut so for easy maintenance.

The front & rear brake lines were removed, cleaned, inspected and repainted.

Entire body removed from chassis stripped to bare, epoxy primed, straightened and repainted.

The body was removed from the chassis and the chassis was stripped, 2k and extreme Chassis paint painted.

Front wings were reworked cracks fixed, new inner sheet metal supports and reinforcements.

All new bolts nuts washers and lock washers throughout, if original weren’t reusable.

The inspection plates were reworked will high quality paint and all new cheese head bolts screws.

Front and rear license plates were completely taken off and any metal de-rusted new bolts nuts washers as needed.

Front rear Enots oil fittings where replaced.

All 44 Enots caps were replaced new.

Front hydraulic suspension dampeners were cleaned re-oiled and caps re-plated and replaced.

All 4 hubs were removed cleaned re-greased all brake shoes were like new including emergency brake.

New Hub retaining rings and Felts were put in.Re-plated All 6 hub exterior parts out hub rings, all 4 exterior hub drive & 4 exterior hub gear catches, and all 4 inspection screws caps.

The Klaxton was removed disassembled cleaned reassembled and the horn bell part re-platted in nickel along with the cheese head screws.

The rear running lights/ brake lights replace with period correct CAV diver's helmet tail lamps from Genius of the Lamp UK.

The front headlights and spotlights were completely reworked including new Lucas badges, re-plated, rewired including brackets and gaskets.

The all 4 front windshield glass replaced.

The 2 side roll up door glass were replaced.

Both doors have the interiors completely removed reworked the wood reinforced and wood panels reinforced all new screws all new plating for any of the hardware including strike plates latches Etc.

The door latch handles on the outside and inside were reworked and re-plated.

The door locks were disassembled, reworked and re-plated.

All the gauges and clock were interior cleaned, reworked, faces redone and repainted and reinstalled.

All the woodwork throughout including, Dash trim pieces were professionally stripped (a special facility that strips wood without damaging it) and then wood preservative was soaked in for 30 days and then finished.

Firewall conduits and support inside were completely reworked including new bolts nuts as needed.

The wood floor boards throughout we're completely taken out reworked repaired as needed and repainted with 2k paint and reinstalled.

The interior body panels were removed all nuts and bolts and screws removed, new interior sheer panels, new screws.

The entire top was taken off, all the metal working pieces reworked refitted by Alan Taylor.

2 of the wood convertible top rails were manufactured to the exact same specifications and replaced.

The top canvas and leather edging and wool liner all done by Alan Taylor.

Jump seat small & large Doors, hinges, locking mechanisms, locking covers and handles for all reworked repainted re-plated including plated screws.

The jump seat area was reupholstered with leather along with wool carpet and leather banding.

The interior seats and side panel’s rear worked with new leather and wool carpeting with leather banding.

The right & left interior to exterior vents on the body reworked and re painted.

Lucas right & left turn signals were rewired reworked and reinstalled and realigned.

The dash lights were reworked & reinstalled.

The interior dome lights were rewired, new wiring & new Switch put in, new dome light glass replaced on one side to match original other side, the escutcheons that hold the glass we're re-plated and new light bulbs.

The Lucas Windshield wiper was reworked, degreased, polished and exterior wiper mechanism plated and reinstalled.

The front windshield was completely taken apart polished, new screws.The windshield Wingnuts were reworked re-plated along with the windshield locking mechanisms and windshield grab handles & new plated screws.

The mirror was replaced with a period-correct pre-war high quality rear view mirror.

The right and left spare tire exterior mirrors re-plated with nickel and new plating on the metal parts and new leather on the leather parts and new mirror glass.

The rims stripped, grind sanded and primed and powder coated.

All the external showing Hub pieces (3 parts per wheel and that's on 6 wheels) re-plated nickel.

All 6 tires and tubes were replaced with Coker white wall 600 tires by 21.

Flying lady was platted and is Period correct.

The latches and catches for the hood and strike plates all reworked and polished and all nuts and bolts cleaned and Polished.

All the hood metal was correctly cleaned, polished and one of the cracked panel’s hand remade and all new solid nickel riveting.

The hinges were reworked and re-plated.

The engine compartment strapping for underneath the hood was removed everything cleaned and re-plated everything cleaned.

Park Ward makers plate replated re-work, plated and or polished.

Window arms & handles re-plated polished.

Door J-moldings and painted molding 2k repainted.

Body wood stripped, reworked, primed and repainted.

The door hinge screws replaced with inserts and machine screws for longevity.

The weather stripping and felt and window weather stripping holders all reworked with new and re-plated and reinstalled.

The wires and holders for the windshield wiper were manufactured period correct.

The leather Gators were cleaned and leather protected and are in near-perfect condition.

The leather protectors for the steering Knuckles and protectors were removed cleaned reworked or remade as necessary. Along with new strapping.

The leather front brake line protectors cleaned reconditioned and new strapping.

New bolts & aluminum washers for the engine Splash pans where installed.

The rear luggage trunk was completely reworked including taking down to bare wood, all new period-correct 1920s Hardware latches and locks. New high quality nickel piano hinges and all high quality pan head rivets. New leather and special handmade leather corners and stitching protectors. New double-sided leather buckles so that you do not have to undo the leather strapping to open the trunk. New wool interior lining. 

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    Right-hand drive (RHD)
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    Rear wheel drive (RWD)
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     Vintage & Prestige Classic Cars LTD
    Vintage & Prestige Classic Cars LTD
    9 Globe Industrial Estate Grays Essex, RM17 6ST, UKvandp.net295 Cars
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    Based close to the M25 in Essex, England Vintage and Prestige Fine Motor Cars are a leading classic car specialist providing automotive clients from around the world with some of the finest Rolls Royce and Bentley vehicles available today.

    When visiting the automotive showrooms of Vintage and Prestige Fine Motor cars, you will note the vast range of pre & post war classic and vintage cars from Aston Martin, Lagonda, Stutz, Mercedes, Renault, Alfa Romeo, Alvis and Bugatti and many more historic automotive marques in stock. However, Vintage and Prestige Fine Motor Cars focus on the supply of classic and vintage Rolls Royce and Bentley motor cars as these famous classic vehicles have a huge following around the world. Indeed, as one of Europe’s leading classic and vintage car specialists, you will find in excess of over two hundred pre & post war vehicles on show.

    Many classic and vintage car connoisseurs from around the automotive world look to Vintage and Prestige Fine Motor Cars as a sales platform to efficiently & effectively promote their classic cars for sale. The Vintage and Prestige Fine Motor cars commissioned sales program offers a range of classic car sales services including a stunning set of detailed automotive photographs professionally taken using HiDef full frame digital cameras designed to present their client’s classic cars in the best way possible. In addition, Vintage and Prestige Fine Motor Cars have recently invested in a new bespoke website designed and built by an award winning organization with the objective to promote their clients classic and vintage vehicles at the highest level through the internet.

    We work closely with Google ‘ad words’ buying key words such as Lagonda, Bentley or Rolls Royce Silver Ghost in key markets such as the USA & Japan. This brings our classic car web site up high in the Google and other search engines. This proactive approach to marketing is a powerful way of generating worldwide classic car sales as opposed to merely serving the home market.

    As soon as Vintage and Prestige Fine Motor Cars list your Rolls Royce, Bentley or classic car on their website, you will instantly be linked to an assortment of other classic & modern automotive websites, both in Europe as well as in the Americas, Middle/Far East & the Antipodes.

    Many discerning International automotive clients have actually purchased their classic or vintage vehicles direct from our website or e-mailed images. This is due to the extreme clarity and quality of the digital photography being used by Vintage and Prestige Fine Motor Cars. Indeed many of our commissioned sales cars have been supplied to our oversees clients simply due to the quality of the imaging being used. Many of our classic or vintage car clients find this approach extremely beneficial as they can regularly visit the Vintage and Prestige Fine Motor Cars website and simply select the classic vehicle they want and then contact our offices to agree a price.

    For those automotive clients who can make it to our classic and vintage cars showroom, they are in for a surprise! Our classic and vintage cars showroom has often been described as being like a museum or a classic car motor show. As you arrive, you will be greeted by an array of Rolls Royce radiator grills that complement the range of vintage Bentleys and other fine classic vehicles.

    Where a prior viewing has been arranged, your desired classic car is given center stage in the showroom with one or two comparable models left & right of it. The classic car will be impeccably detailed and placed under our spotlights available for the customer to view upon arrival.

    Classic and Vintage Car Servicing Vintage and Prestige Fine Motor Cars operate a large workshop that provides a range of services for their automotive client’s cars in addition to undertaking more specialised work when required. We recently stripped and fitted new valves to a 4.5 litre 1925 Sunbeam for example & relined a crank damper on a Rolls Royce 25/30. Classic and Vintage Car Restoration We typically have about eight full classic car restoration projects being undertaken at any one time. For example, we are currently working on a ‘nut and bolt’ restoration of three Rolls Royce Phantom III’s, two V12 Lagonda’s, a Jaguar XK120 and are painting several other classic vehicles. Our trim shop is next door to our showroom & does a fine job of re-upholstering car interiors.

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