1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT

  • Price
    52 900 EUR
  • Model
    Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT
  • Year
    1965 February
  • Condition
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  • Address
    Bruges, Belgium
  • Country
  • Published
    about 1 year
Rock 'n Roll Classics
Rock 'n Roll ClassicsLieven Bauwensstraat 30 8200 Sint-Andries (Brugge)
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Already at the introduction it turned out that the Alfa Guilia Sprint GT was a classic in the making.
Just think of it: Who can resist this Roman classic, designed in one of the chicest Italian car houses: Bertone. This genius managed to put the pure timeless beauty of the Giulia on paper. Immediately it became clear that the Sprint Gt was not just any car. The original "Letterbox" (named after the ‘split’ in the hood) was the foundation of many later sporty Alfa cars, including the GTA and later 2000 GTV. Even after almost 60 years, you immediately notice that you are driving an extremely spicy sports coupé. The 1570cc engine was very spacious for the small sports car and the 106 hp it delivered made for an unprecedented spirited car. The Alfa Twin Cam makes the car very lively at high revs and underlines its pleasure with great musical talent. This little Milanese also proves that it’s the ideal companion for the road in terms of driving comfort. Here not the typical hard Alfa setting that we know from the modern Alfa Romeo’s but a surprisingly good comfortable suspension and this is kept under the thumb by great steering and discs all around.

This exceptional original Giulia ticks all the boxes. Our GT was delivered to its first proud owner in Rome in 1965 in a super Blue Medio color.
Believe it or not, this Scalino has never been welded. The bottom plate, chassis beams and even the sills are still original and rust-free. In the early 2000s, the outside of the car was professionally repainted, but the paint under the hood and in the trunk is still original. The interior is also completely original and in an exceptionally good condition with an indescribable patina. It just breathes the sixties, you step into a real time capsule, as it were. All chrome parts are still the original ones. Details were not overlooked either, as the Italian driving tax sticker from 65 still proudly adorns the windscreen.
The car is also technically very original, fully checked and maintained, according to the rules of the art. You can feel this immediately when you take a seat behind the wheel, the steering is as it should be, the motor turns like a sewing machine and the excellent five-speed shifts super smooth.

A wonderful example of a car that has made motorsport history, and whose legend still lives in the hearts of all fans… Don't miss this opportunity.

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