1952 Bentley MK VI James Young saloon

29 500 EUR

1952 Bentley MK VI James Young saloon

29 500 EUR
  • Model
    Bentley MK VI James Young saloon
  • Year
    1952 May
  • Condition
  • Body Type
    Sedan / Saloon
  • Fuel Type
  • Power
  • Mileage
    1,350 km
  • Address
    Near Hook of Holland, Netherlands
  • Country
  • Published
    Sep 12, 2023
4566 cc straight six
Engine Number
B 75 N
Chassis Number
B 150 NZ
Steering Wheel
Drive Wheels
1st Reg. Country
United Kingdom
Interior Color
Leather Seats
Garage de Vaal
Garage de VaalNear Hook of Holland, Netherlands
Average response time: about 10 hours
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This elegant Bentley Mk VI was provided with a coach by James Young. The production of this model stuck to 35 examples, making it a rare opportunity. This design C12, body number 1977, has the unique characteristic of a 4d6l saloon body. This abbreviation means 4-door, 6-light, refering to 4 passenger doors and 6 side windows. It points out that side windows have been made behind the doors, usually resulting in a very spacious car. This is the only 4d6l design by James Young for a Mk VI.
The first owner of this special car was H.A. Potts of Blue Yard Garages Ltd, England. He took delivery of his car in May 1952. The first registration of this Bentley was MXO 379.
From the beginning a Bentley Mk VI was delivered with a 4256 cc straight six with a maximum power of 29.4 bhp. In May 1951 this 4¼ Litre engine was replaced by a 4½ Litre engine of 4566 cc with a maximum power of 31.5 bhp, the so called “big bore engine”. The Mk VI James Young B150NZ is provided with this stronger engine from the last years of production of the Mk VI.
The first Bentley Mk VI was delivered in 1946, but deliveries came on stream only in 1947. The last examples were delivered in the third quarter of the year 1952. In these six years of production 5201 Mk VIs were built, although not every source mentions that same number. 3180 examples were built as a 4¼ Litre standard saloon and 1022 examples as a 4½ Litre “big bore” standard saloon. The remaining 999 examples have been provided with a body by a coach builder. 820 of these coach built cars have been delivered with a 4¼ Litre engine and only 179 with a “big bore”. So this Bentley Mk VI James Young is a rare car in every aspect.

This special Bentley Mk VI James Young was purchased in England by Garage de Vaal, back in 1987. The car was in perfect, original condition. Shortly afterwards it was sold to a Dutchman who had the intention to start a wedding business. Unfortunately, he then had the car painted white. The wedding business was not a success. Subsequently the car has been stored for almost 28 years, where it had not improved.
In 2015 we bought the Bentley back purely out of pity for such a beautiful car as we remembered it. In 2016 we gave it a major technical overhaul that involved almost €6800 in costs. The car was also brought to a car upholsterer who renewed the carpets and renovated the leather interior. The trunk has also been completely refurbished, for almost €8500. The result is not a competition quality, but it is very neat. Due to circumstances, these upholstery and restoration work took until 2020, and the car has hardly been driven since 2016.
The Bentley drives well and everything works properly. The brakes work well, but the car pulls to the right when braking. After these years of inactivity, everything has to get going again.
The woodwork and some parts of the body need attention. This can be seen in the photos.
Given the investment and the special model, the price is very favorable and attractive.

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