1935 BMW 319 Drauz Convertible

  • Price
    112 000 EUR
  • Model
    BMW 319 Drauz Convertible
  • Year
  • Condition
  • Body Type
    Cabriolet / Roadster
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  • Address
    Bruges, Belgium
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  • Published
    about 1 year
Rock 'n Roll Classics
Rock 'n Roll ClassicsLieven Bauwensstraat 30 8200 Sint-Andries (Brugge)
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  • 1st Reg. Country
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  • Leather Seats


The BMW 319 was one of the first production models from BMW with the distinctive kidney-shaped grille, what would become the trademark of the car manufacturer. We can really call this model a wolf in sheepskin and was one of the first cars that could perfectly reproduce the typical BMW driver feeling and which formed the basis of the Motorsport department. The 1.9 liter 6-cylinder engine produced 45 hp and had a top speed of 115 km / h, not much by today's standards, but then astonishing. That power source in combination with only 750kg made the car a lot faster than most of its British competitors. The 319 can be regarded as the ancestor of the future achievements of this Bavarian brand and was the basis of the legendary 328. In the 2 years that this model was produced, a total of only 6,468 units were made, of which only 51 units of the Drauz body.
This 319 Convertible, completely restored to perfection, that we can offer you here has a bodywork built by Drauz in Heilbronn and comes from a collection of a BMW dealer who also restored this car. And you can still see that this was handled very carefully, the car still looks beautiful. A cherished interior with a perfect patina for such a car and perfect mechanics. The two-tone paint in blue on light gray completes the car. The fits are perfect, the engine runs very smoothly and softly, the shifting with the four gears is surprisingly smooth. You will immediately notice that this car has been well maintained. The fact that the car formed the foundation of the famous BMW M is immediately apparent from the excellent road holding and the smoothness with which the car even ventures in today's traffic.
In short, this is a perfect Pre-war car, ready to enjoy to the fullest and combines German reliability with elegance from days long gone. A beautiful and very rare car in an exceptional original condition with a build quality that is now unmatchable.

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