2001 BMW M3 Racer

  • Price
    55 000 EUR
  • Model
    BMW M3 Racer
  • Year
  • Condition
  • Body Type
  • Fuel Type
  • Power
    287 kw (390 hp)
  • Mileage
    215,579 km
  • Address
    Energiestraat 3 1411 an naarden, The Netherlands
  • Country
  • Published
    5 months
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Cool Classic ClubEnergiestraat 3 1411 an naarden, The Netherlands
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As you can see, this is not your average E46 M3! Below is the spec list:

Car History.
Model type: BMW M3, model E46.
Chassis number: WBSBL910SOJP87873.
First registration: 20-10-2003 in Germany.
Purchased and imported into the Netherlands by current Owner: 12-02-2015.

User history.
As of 12-02-2015 the car was completely stripped of interior trim, steel body parts such as: hood, front fenders, front and rear bumper and doors.
Car was rebuilt as GT car for track days and races.
From June 2015 car was used for Track days and competitions racing until October 2018.
Total track days 14, total races 11.
In the year 2017, Owner became 1st in his class at the "Super Tour Wagon Champignon Ship". (STWC).
Further many 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

The spec list:


Steel front fenders, bumpers hood and doors replaced with lightweight polyester parts.
Hood fitted with air vent louvers and Aerocatch" locks.
Trunk lid also replaced with polyester lid and reinforced for GT 250 APR Performance wing.
Rear fenders 2 ventilation screens mounted to cool rear brakes.
Windshield replaced with window with electric heater to prevent condensation in wet weather.
All other windows replaced with Lexan windows and 2 air vents in rear window.
Front bumper of polyester model CSL with air intake for oil, water coolers and brake cooling hoses.

The first roll cage was removed in 2015 and a new cage was installed in 2016 to comply with FIA Homologation Regulations and Certification
The Certificate number (KNAF) is 934.1078. (see attachment)
Furthermore, a Race Steering Wheel, Seat (Sparco) and 6 point safety belts have been installed.

Safety Equipment.
A fire extinguisher is installed, with a quick release in the cockpit and outside near the wipers.
An emergency electrical switch is installed near the wipers to disable the electrical system in case of emergency.

AP Racing heavy brake Gallopers with ventilated steel discs are mounted on the front wheels.
The rear brakes are standard to provide the best brake balance for the car.

Suspension Intrax 2018
A full set of Intrax 4 way brake kit (most expensive) was fitted.
See attachment.

Air jacks.
3 air jacks from Intrax have been installed to lift the car during maintenance and pit stops.

Exhaust system.
New exhaust system Mark: "Scorpion" installed with race kats 100 cells and larger exhaust pipe diameter: 63,5 mm and special lightweight silencer with Twin 83 mm Daytona exhaust pipes, for extra power.

AIM system.
An AIM data logger is installed on the car's dashboard.
Data such as lap times, sector times, speed, temps etc. can be tracked and downloaded on the PC.

Radio communication.
A Verbacom PRO from Stilo is installed in the car to communicate with the pit crew.
The system works with a standard phone and a unit in the car with a SIM card. The headphones in the pit work on a Bleu Tooth with the phone.
The big advantage is that one does not need a license, large transmitters and antennas.

A 67" GT-250 Aero wing from APR Performance, INC. of California USA is mounted on the tailgate of the car. See attachments.

Color scheme.
The livery was designed by Jan Mathiesen in England in close cooperation with the owner.

Differential and driveshaft.
A new OS Giken 1:4.10 differential has been fitted.

Gearbox and short shift.
The standard 6 speed H gearbox has been checked and cleaned.
A shortshifter has been fitted.
A light racing flywheel and racing clutch plate have been fitted.

Rims and tires.
A total of 4 sets of wheels, 1 set of BMW M3 and 3 sets of Motec 9.5jx18 5×120 are supplied with the car.
2 sets of full wets (1 new, 1 approx 70%) and several used slick com with the car.

BMW S54 6 cylinder 3,246 cm3 engine.
Fully rebuilt and tested in 2016.
- New piston rings.
- New piston rod bolts.
- New head gasket set.
- Engine gasket set.
- New piston rod bearings.

- New main bearings axial.
- All cylinders honed.
- Head overhaul and flattening.
- Coating rocker arms.
- 2 new "Schrick" camshafts.
- New valve springs.
- New distribution chain.
- New oil pump and chain (2018).
- Balancing crankshaft.

Engine test at Easytech, Benthuizen Holland. (See attachment sheet)

Owner would like to emphasize that apart from the 2 Schrick camshafts the engine is completely original, and has been overhauled with original parts.
During the second service of the engine in April 2019, the crankshaft bearings were renewed, as well as the oil pump.
Since the last maintenance service, only 1 - 4 hours of endurance racing and 2 track days have been done.

The above is just a summary of the main points. Of course, the entire file is available upon request and will include many more

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