1968 Chevrolet Camaro Twin Turbo LSX SS Pro-Touring Restomod

129 210 EUR

1968 Chevrolet Camaro Twin Turbo LSX SS Pro-Touring Restomod

129 210 EUR
  • Model
    Chevrolet Camaro Twin Turbo LSX SS Pro-Touring Restomod
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  • Mileage
    3,394 km
  • Address
    Green Brook NJ 08812
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  • Published
    Jul 14, 2022
No Reserve Classics
No Reserve ClassicsGreen Brook NJ 08812 United States
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No Reserve Classics is proud to present to you our 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Twin Turbo LSX Pro-Touring Restomod! This is a West Coast, Los Angeles Built Twin Turbo 1968 Camaro.

Go hard and go even FASTER! This Camaro was made to get you where you wanna go fast and do it in style - it's unlike any other! Making its debut, disguised as a normal 1968 Camaro, this beauty is powered by a LSX Twin Turbo motor with over 600 hp and 575ft lbs of Torque. It will make you push through all the gears with ease, through its automatic transmission. All that power is brought down to the custom staggered 18" polished Budnik wheels with a massive 315MM wide tire through the Ford 9" rear end with posi. This has been made possible due to a mini-tubbed rear end. Turning has never been easier with power steering. You can turn the matching Budnick steering wheel with just one finger, and even enjoy ice cold air conditioning while sitting in TMI seating. And with all the power and torque, it's only natural to have full 4 wheel Wilwood power disc brakes to stop right on a dime. RideTech adjustable shocks, Sway bars, Hotchkis frame connectors, Strong Arm Tubular Control arms, and paired a Ride-Tech 4-Link rear makes this Camaro ride like a Go-Kart on steroids! You'll go through every corner wanting to go faster pushing this Twin-Turbo Camaro to hear those Blow off valves scream!

This 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Twin Turbo LSX Pro-Touring Restomod was made to hang with the Best of Both Worlds! Looking right in place at a cruise night or with the best breed of high horsepower muscle cars on the open track ahead!

As always, if you're an extremely interested buyer and are not quite yet convinced about the condition of our vehicle, we not only welcome inspections but we encourage them! Please feel free to set up an appointment with any credible inspector and we'll be more than happy to put this car up on a lift for a thorough comprehensive inspection!

The sale of this 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Twin Turbo LSX Pro-Touring Restomod also includes a service contract available for purchase! Classic Car Financing is also available through any of our recommended financing partners. Check out our "Financing" page for more information!

There's a lot to be said about this car, and we're certain that this 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Twin Turbo LSX Pro-Touring Restomod will continue to be a highly sought after classic car. As you may be aware, please note that this vehicle is a complete modified restoration, "Restomod/Pro-Touring" with none of the factory components. We cannot verify all of it's original born components, as none of the original components still exist in the car. Therefore, this car may be equipped with certain badges and/or trim packages and was not factory born as an SS, RS/SS, or Z/28.

Available Options:
Detroit Speed Electronic RS/SS Kit - $3,499.99
Chrome Trim Package - $599
Window Tints - $249
Underbody Renovation - $2000
Paint Correction and Ceramic Coat - $1999.99

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