1963 Ferrari 250 GT Spyder NEMBO

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1963 Ferrari 250 GT Spyder NEMBO

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  • Model
    Ferrari 250 GT Spyder NEMBO
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    Cabriolet / Roadster
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    kw ( hp)
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    Willow Farm Bottle Lane Bracknell England
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    Jan 19, 2024
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TalacrestWillow Farm Bottle Lane Bracknell England
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Unique RHD "Nembo style" 250 GT Spyder
Based on ex Alain Delon Ferrari 250 GTE
One of the most beautiful Ferrari Spyders

Neri & Bonacini (aka "Nembo") of Modena were renown coachbuilders in period serving the Ferrari market and often associated with Piero Drogo & Count Volpi's Scuderia Serenissima in addition to constructing many of the Ferrari factory prototypes. In addition to factory commissions, they also built a pair of LHD 250 GT Nembo Spyders - based on a design by Tom Meade in the early 60's, in addition to one Coupe. Tom had a commission from a client to build a "convertible" GTO and used a 250 SWB(!) and 250 PF Cab S2 as donors for the 2 spyders. If you think using the SWB as a donor car was extravagant, it was said that initially the client - Italian Sergio Braidi - wanted to use a GTO as a donor!

Using a 250 LM windshield and clearly referencing '64 250 GTO styling cues, the visual results of this styling exercise were stunning and resulted in the one the most beautiful Ferrari Spyders ever made.

Both Nembo Spyders enjoyed long-term ownership in the US in the 70's and therefore when serious car collector David Barraclough wanted to own a Nembo Spyder and specifically with RHD, it was clear that he was going to have his own built. Therefore in July 1977 as a suitable donor, Ferrari 250 GTE #4773GT was purchased from Paris, which was originally owned by Alain Delon, the famous French film star. Years of research and dialogue with noted historians and Ferrari Club registrars in France, UK and the USA together with trips to California for Laguna Seca & Pebble Beach, meant that in September 1979 detailed photographs had been received of chassis 1777GT, the original Nembo upon which this Ferrari is based. Additionally specific dimensions of the body were received from the original car.

In 1981 revered coachworks, Paul Weldon's Church Green Engineering was chosen to complete the all alloy body, which was fabricated after painstaking construction of accurate wooden body bucks. The engine was moved back 8" on the 250 GTE chassis for styling and handling reasons and the body was then painted by Spray Tec of Northampton. The suspension and geometry adjustments were completed by Geoscan Racing Car Engineers. The engine was built by Rosso Limited - headed by a young Bob Houghton - who handled all mechanical elements of the project. The completed engine was dyno tested at just over 230 bhp at 7000 rpm according to a dyno sheet supplied by DK at the time.

Used sparingly, 4773 GT was in 1989 offered to the Haynes Motor Museum where the car resided untill 1994. In the late 1990's Mr Barraclough passed away and 4773 GT had a brief period of new ownership before in 2000, John Lewis bought the car. He decided to use Bodylines and Spray-Tech, to take 4773GT back to bare metal and make subtle body improvements and re-profiling of wings to ensure the body shape faithfully reflected the original Nembo Spyder as accurately as possible. At this stage, the unbelievably rare original 'Nembo' badges were fitted and the final results were spectacular.

The car over the past couple of decades has been used enthusiastically on a number of tours including the Modena Cento Ore and maintained regardless of expense and has recently benefitted from a recent refresh at GTO Engineering. Additionally the car has a comprehensive history file documenting the exhaustive build

A beautiful coachbuilt Ferrari convertible which drives as well as it looks.


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