1965 Ferrari 275 GTB Berlinetta Scaglietti

2 150 000 EUR

1965 Ferrari 275 GTB Berlinetta Scaglietti

2 150 000 EUR
  • Model
    Ferrari 275 GTB Berlinetta Scaglietti
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  • Mileage
    22,150 km
  • Address
    Arnhemsestraat 47 6971 AP Brummen The Netherlands
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  • Published
    Feb 20, 2024
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1st Reg. Country
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Gallery AalderingArnhemsestraat 47 6971 AP Brummen The Netherlands
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One of the most iconic Ferraris of all time: the 275 GTB, a ‘Grand Tourer’ with a legendary ‘Colombo V12’.
Not only made to transport the ‘happy few’ from one international city to another at high speed but also felt at home on the circuit. A versatile car that also belongs to one the most beautifully lined coupés of all time. As rare as they are: in Brummen, we have another beautiful specimen. Before we continue about this beautiful red GTB/2, a brief history about the model.

It shocked the stock market floor of Paris in 1964: two new models made their appearance. On one side, the closed GTB, a fantastically lined coupé. On the other side, the GTS, its open-topped brother. Chassis-wise identical, with a beautifully welded tubular frame. Fully independent suspension with Dunlop disc brakes all around and Koni shock absorbers. Under the elongated hood of both cars, the 3.3-liter ‘Colombo’ V12, with the Spider delivering a power of 260 hp and the closed GTB even 280.

Both models are also characterised by a transaxle setup, with the five-speed gearbox placed between the rear wheels and thus independent rear suspension. The 275 GTB was the first Ferrari to be built according to this method.
The design of the GTB was completely new. The GTB was designed by Pininfarina and built by Scaglietti.

The purpose of the GTB? As mentioned: according to Ferrari, with the GTB, you could both tour and race. You could have choosen for three carburettors (like this 275, with which the GTB was homologated for competition by the FIA) or six. Even with the bodywork, there was a choice: aluminum or steel. Alloy Campagnolo wheels are standard and present on the car. In 1965, the second series was shown in Paris, with a slightly longer nose and smaller air intake. At ‘the’ Brussels Motor Show, shortly thereafter, different alloy wheels were mounted, and the driveshaft was encapsulated in a torsion tube. Approximately 250 Series I and approximately 200 Series II 275 GTB’s were built.

This 275 is a GTB/2, the beloved second series. A car that was originally delivered through Crepaldi Milano. The car came into the hands of an owner in the late ’70s who couldn’t really part with it and kept the car for decades, until recently. The car was once restored to its current condition, needless to say, this was done to the highest standards by a Ferrari specialist. The engine and technology were also overhauled and renewed by a well-known name in the Ferrari world, Patrick Ottis.

With the car comes an impressive dossier with documentation. Not only specific to the car but also general 275 matters and books. In addition, the car comes with original booklets, and the original toolkit is present. Of course, the car is also equipped with an extensive Marcel Massini report.

An exceptional car in an equally exceptional condition.

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