1972 Ferrari 365 GTC 4

289 950 EUR

1972 Ferrari 365 GTC 4

289 950 EUR
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    Ferrari 365 GTC 4
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    45,738 km
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    Arnhemsestraat 47 6971 AP Brummen The Netherlands
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    over 1 year ago
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Gallery AalderingArnhemsestraat 47 6971 AP Brummen The Netherlands
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Although the Ferrari 365GTC/4 resembles a modern version of the Ferrari Daytona in appearance, it is a completely newly developed model. The 4.4 liter V12 with four overhead camshafts is identical to the engine in the Daytona. However, the 365GTC/4 has a much lower nose and therefore the carburettors are placed on the side of the engine to ensure that the V12 fits into the flatter nose. The Colombo V12 delivers 340 horsepower and is mated to a five-speed manual transmission. Like the Daytona, the GTC/4 has independent suspension on all four wheels. The height of the rear is hydraulically regulated. The 365GTC/4 has a look that was extremely modern for its time. The Ferrari 365GTC/4 has a typical "wedge" shape that is so typical of cars from the seventies. The exotic appearance is complemented by the flip-up headlights, the rubber front bumper and the matte black part on the rear. Unlike the Daytona, the 365GTC/4 has always been designed with flip-up headlights in the design, so they are more integrated into the design than the Daytona. When looking at the rear, the six separate taillights also stand out. Another special feature of the 365GTC/4 was that buyers could choose from no fewer than 46 different colors for the exterior and 10 different colors for the interior. On request, the exterior could even be supplied in any color a customer could imagine, unique for that time! When the model was introduced, the 365GTC/4 was praised by the press for its good brakes, the fine operation of the gearbox and the extensive choice of paint options. The 365GTC/4 is particularly rare. Only 500 were made plus another 4 prototypes. Of the 500, 194 went to the United States, so only 265 cars remained for Europe and the rest of the world. Of the 265 cars, 41 were delivered with the steering wheel on the right. In total, therefore, only 224 365GTC/4's were delivered with the steering wheel on the left.

This "Marone Collorado" example is in very original condition and was delivered new in 1972 in the United States. Two years ago we sold this car to a collector who used the car regularly and had it perfectly maintained. The car has only driven 28,420 miles in total and is in very original condition. The body is beautiful with nice thin and original sheet metal and has correct fits. The paint has already been repainted for cosmetic reasons and looks beautiful. The chrome moldings and alloy wheels are also in beautiful condition. The interior is lined with a beautiful "Tan" colored carpets and leather interior. The interior is completely in original condition and looks fantastic. The Ferrari 365 GTC/4 is of course designed with the aim of crossing entire continents in comfort and speed. Things that should not be missing are a spacious trunk, a rear seat and air conditioning. The Ferrari 365 GTC/4 has all of the above available and is a pleasure to drive. The technology has been perfectly maintained in recent years by the absolute Ferrari specialist of Germany: Eberlein in Kassel. The 4.4 liter V12 engine is mated to a five-speed manual transmission and produces 320 hp. The engine is fitted with 6 DCOE 38 Weber carburettors. The engine is in top condition and runs beautifully. The chassis and brakes are also in top condition thanks to good maintenance. The brakes function perfectly. The car simply drives as fantastically as its appearance suggests. The power build-up of a Ferrari V12 engine is and remains something that is surrounded by magic, every gear. In short, a beautiful matching numbers, very original Ferrari 365 GTC/4 that is both optically and technically in beautiful condition.

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