2024 Ferrari SF90 Spider XX Build Slot

1 600 000 EUR

2024 Ferrari SF90 Spider XX Build Slot

1 600 000 EUR
  • Model
    Ferrari SF90 Spider XX Build Slot
  • Year
  • Condition
  • Body Type
    Cabriolet / Roadster
  • Fuel Type
  • Power
    758 kw (1,030 hp)
  • Mileage
  • Address
    Marina de Cascais, 2750 Cascais, Portugal
  • Country
  • Published
    May 17, 2024
V8 Turbo
Engine Number
Chassis Number
Steering Wheel
Drive Wheels
1st Reg. Country
Interior Color
Battery Capacity
Riviera MotorSports
Riviera MotorSportsAv. Rei Humberto II de Italia Marina de Cascais - Loja 59 2750-800
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Riviera MotorSports is proud to announce the availability of a 2024 Ferrari SF90XX Spider in Grey with Yellow accents. The image posted in the advert is for representation purpose only. Images and supporting documents will be provided upon serious request. The SF90XX Spider is scheduled for delivery 1st quarter 2025.

The SF90 XX Stradale, produced in 799 units, is joined by the open version SF90 XX Spider, produced in 599 units, the retractable hard- top with aluminum panels and movement possible up to 45 km/h, it can be opened or closed in just 14 seconds.
The SF90 XX Stradale, designed by Ferrari Style Center, integrates the engineering principles that form the basis of the SF90 Stradale and takes them to extremes, with significant interventions aimed mainly at increasing the aerodynamic load of the original car. And the result is one that leaves its mark, with aerodynamic performance that becomes the highest ever achieved by a road-going Ferrari, comparable only to those of the supercars.The Ferrari Compared to the SF90 Stradale, the maximum vertical load is doubled, for a greater grip it’s a clear reduction in lap time at Fiorano: a result based on the rethinking of the management of the cooling flows of the thermal and electrical components, as well as on the redesign of the engine compartment due to the increase in the maximum available power. Precisely this increase in power and vertical load put the designers in front of a new challenge to face which the layouts of the radiator designed to cool the electrical part, thus increasing its effectiveness. Part of the vehicle floor has been closed, expanding the surface area useful for generating load at the front. From the point of view of design always functional to performance, the most characterizing element is undoubtedly the fixed rear wing, studied and developed on the cars for the Program FXX which has not been seen on a Ferrari road car since the F50 in 1995 and which allows it to reach the value of 530 kg of downforce at 250 km/h.
The SF90 XX Stradale inherits the Phev setting of the SF90 Stradale, with the V8 turbo engine in central-rear position, integrated a three electric motors, with a compressive power of 1,030 Hp. The engine of the SF90 Stradale is made even more efficient, on this version, through the polishing of the intake and exhaust ducts, as well as the adoption of new pistons and specific machining performed on the combustion chamber to increase the compression ratio. And that’s not all, because in addition to being more performing, the new SF90 XX Stradale also has a sound more engaging that brings out all its soul racing, best expressing the timbre of the V8 at all revs. To enhance the intensity of the sound indeed, they were optimized the hot pipe system ducts, which transmits the combustion pulsations into the passenger compartment, enhancing the highest frequencies to offer the maximum evolution of the Ferrari V8. Like the SF90 Stradale, the SF90 XX Stradale is also equipped with three electric motors one placed between the endothermic engine and the gearbox and two on the front axle, which in this case express a maximum of 233 hp (171 kW) thanks to the patented vehicle dynamics logic of extra boosts, an absolute novelty for the Prancing Horse road cars. The dual clutch gearbox and eight reports introduced for the first time in the Ferrari range on the SF90 Stradale. The SF90 XX Stradale and SF90 XX Spider, while the shifting logics are considerably modified: in fact, the cars use those patented and introduced on the Ferrari Daytona SP3 to obtain acceleration profiles more engaging dynamics, which also improve the sound when shifting, introducing a sound released from the exhaust typical of performance driving at medium-high revs.
Everything inside the SF90 XX Stradale and Spider is inspired by the world of racing. The racing look of the cockpit has been emphasized through a significant reduction in weight. The areas of major intervention were door panels, tunnels and carpets, simplified from a formal and material point of view, favoring technical fabrics and in the functional parts, carbon fiber.

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