1965 Fiat-Abarth Cinquecento ABARTH REPLICA

19 298 EUR

1965 Fiat-Abarth Cinquecento ABARTH REPLICA

19 298 EUR
  • Model
    Fiat-Abarth Cinquecento ABARTH REPLICA
  • Year
  • Condition
  • Body Type
    Sedan / Saloon
  • Fuel Type
  • Power
    18 kw (24 hp)
  • Mileage
    9,096 km
  • Address
    San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Country
  • Published
    5 months
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Fiat 650 engine from 126
Engine Number
Chassis Number
Steering Wheel
Drive Wheels
1st Reg. Country
Interior Color


D234 1965 FIAT 500F Cinquecento - ABARTH REPLICA - White
Total Restoration - Exterior, Interior, Mechanicals
650 Engine and Synchronized Gearbox, Abarth Accessories, Mag Wheels
Price (plus tax and DMV): $19,750

Our team located this excellent classic 500 in Northern Italy, in the province of Padua.
Meticulous owner had completely restored the car over the course of many years.
Quite a lot of attention to detail and many cool touches.

The original 500F specification was updated as an Abarth replica. The powertrain was replaced with a Fiat 650 engine and a fully synchronized gearbox. Both engine and gearbox were fully inspected and refreshed prior to installation. The car has been used in a limited fashion since being restored. Odometer shows 14,640 Km, total mileage unknown.

Starting with a solid and rust free unibody, the bodywork has been treated to a very well done paint job in classic white. Finish shows very well. The interior features special bolstered front seats and all new upholstery in a tasteful black/white color scheme. The front seats feature embroidered FIAT emblems. A wood rimmed Abarth steering wheel and shift knob are fitted. Floors are very solid and covered by rubber matting and carpeted floor mats with red edging. The factory sunroof is in good condition and operates smoothly.

Exterior details include Abarth badges and dynamic cast alloy wheels fitted with 145x70x12 tires in good condition. The wheel bolts have been engraved with the previous owners name “Giorgio” in a novel touch. Sporty chrome racing mirrors are fitted to the doors. All chrome trim and the bumpers are in excellent condition. The bonnet is fitted with racing style rubber safety latches. Under the hood is a full size spare and original jack. Rear end is trimmed with an original “nuova 500” badge and a custom chrome “Abarth” plate.

This car has been approved and registered with the Italian FIAT 500 registry and comes with that certificate and the original Italian license plates.

A very clean and smart custom 500F with all the right mods and a very nice level of restoration. Ready to drive, enjoy and show.

Price (plus tax and DMV): $19,750
Year: 1965
Make: Fiat
Model: 500 F Cinquecento Abarth Replica
Odometer: 14,640 km / 9,096 miles TMU
VIN: 0969482
Inventory number: D234

FIAT 500 F ABARTH Replica
652cc / 40 cu in Twin Air Cooled
Rear Engine / Rear Wheel Drive
23 HP / 32 lb ft Torque
Top Speed 65 mph +
Dimensions :
Wheelbase - 72.4 in
Length - 117 in
Width - 52 in
Curb weight - 1,168 lb
Production : 1965 - 72

Launched as the Nuova (new) 500 in 1957 and following in the long tradition of mini compact Fiat city cars that began with the Toplino of the late 40’s the Nuova was an instant success. In production thru 1975 there were several detail upgrades and this 1971 500F model incorporates the most significant of those. Considered by many to be the ultimate “City Car”, the Nuova 500 was very popular all across Europe. None of the subsequent models ever possessed the charm and fun-to-drive feeling of this series.

The 500 F model was introduced in 1965 and featured front hinged doors. Considered the base model 500 other upgrades were minimal and the 500 F is in most regards very similar to the original 1957 design.

Variants of the Nuova 500 were produced from 1957 thru 1975 and production reached almost 4 million units. Despite the large number made, these cars were typically driven often and hard, and remarkably few clean, original 500s remain today.

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