1976 Ford Capri ROKSTOCK RSR GT

120 848 EUR

1976 Ford Capri ROKSTOCK RSR GT

120 848 EUR
  • Model
    Ford Capri ROKSTOCK RSR GT
  • Year
    1976 March
  • Condition
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  • Address
    Portland, OR, USA
  • Country
  • Published
    Sep 14, 2023
BOSS 351c Cleveland V/8
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Steering Wheel
Drive Wheels
1st Reg. Country
United States
Interior Color
Richard O. Kiser
Richard O. Kiser
Average response time: about 2 hours



This special European Ford Capri II (in European Capri speak, the Mk2) is the latest creation of ROK as in the ROKSTOCK Capri brand. The very first and considered the very best aftermarket parts and accessories company/operation for the Capri I and Capri II in the United States and Canada throughout the 1970's. ROKSTOCK also produced a limited-edition Capri II called the ROKSTOCK RSR turbo. The 180/200HP turbocharged Capri II earned two front cover credits and approx. 21 automotive magazine articles for its performance and its high-quality parts/accessories for the niche market ROKSTOCK Capri specialty company.

As the ROKSTOCK variants added popularity and consumer interests for the Capri I and the Capri II for the Lincoln Mercury (sold) Ford Capri line in the USA throughout the 1970's. But Ford Lincoln Mercury decided to stop importing the Capri into North America in 1977 and that untimely move changed the overall interests in the European Capri and also for the ROKSTOCK company as well. But there is no doubt that ROKSTOCK Capri, its efforts and its high-quality parts and accessories (often replicated and copied) helped others forge forward into the Capri aftermarket business in North America. And in 1979/80 the USA began to struggle with a serious negative economic decline, just months after ROKSTOCK made an expensive expansion move to add other cars to their specialty aftermarket car business but the two negative factors ( no more Capri's were brought into the USA and the negative economic storm looming over the US) took the RS company out in 1981.

But ROKSTOCK is back with a robust build called the RSR GT Mk2 Capri. As ROKSTOCK Capri cars were always well received by the automotive press, this special designed and built ROKSTOCK Capri was recently featured in the Classic Ford Magazine UK, Nov 2021 issue. With an extensive 6-page article on the car's merits, its components and its potential future to help carry on the ROKSTOCK banner. It is a one-off, one-of-a-kind build as ROKSTOCK has no plans to ever build another one like it. The Classic Ford magazine article makes it clear for its potential value, not only for the exclusivity of the car itself but also as an original ROKSTOCK Capri design. There is also an extensive ad on this RSR GT Capri on the CLASSIC DRIVER website under Capri's for sale that tells its story and makes it clear, this is a serious built Capri with the provenance of an accredited trademark brand with real ties to European Ford Capri history. This particular RS Capri has been created for many different uses. With some additional changes it could make for a great Drag Racer, a track car and a great street car. But as it sits it makes a great SHOW CAR. Originally was valued and offered for sale at $215K USD. Because of the ROKSTOCK Capri provenance the Classic Ford publication also agreed with its value. It is NOW offered at $115K USD, and because the lacking a good economy for to many and also that ROK is fully retiring, the Capri is priced to sell at a firm $115K USD and FOB, Portland, Oregon USA.

Any questions can be answered by ROK (Richard O. Kiser, Rick personally) at USA 503.997.2221 or [email protected].

There will NEVER BE another ROKSTOCK Capri like this Capri. And at 78 years old and wanting to fully retire, this particular RSRGT Capri could be my last ROK personally built ROKSTOCK Capri. For this point, I am positive it will always carry the provenance and historic history of the USA based ROKSTOCK Capri brand. As to whether or not it will be bought and then raced accordingly is up for question. BUT FOR SURE it will always be valued and praised as an ORIGINAL ROKSTOCK (in-house) built Capri. It has an unlimited venue of potential racecar possibilities as a Ford Capri. For its looks, its components and to include its Australian "Aussi" inspired BOSS 351c Cleveland motor and its all-important ROKSTOCK Capri provenance. It positively upsets the competition at the cruise-ins and the several car events that it has been taken to. Google ROKSTOCK Capri... for further information on the Ford Capri inspired brand and its special Capri cars.

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