1978 Healey Fiesta

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    Healey Fiesta
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    7,567 miles
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In 1978, the Ford Motor Company decided to build a show car based on the then current Ford fiesta. the job of developing the show car was given to the director of the agency that handled the Ford account. Gary Kohs at Marketing Corporation of America. Kohs did some initial sketches of the concept for presentation to Ford management and suggested Healey be contracted to accomplish the work. It was though that the Healey name was well known in the sports car world and would add emphasis to a show car. A standard 1978 Ford Fiesta (US specifaction) to Healey Automobile Consultants Limited, Warwick, England. Donald and Geoff Healey began work to increase the performance of the Fiesta. They attacked four main areas; the engine, the suspension, the aerodynamics and finally the ergonomics of the driving compartment. US specifications for the 1978 Fiesta required emission control equipment that severely limited performance and this was a quickly removed once the car arrived in England. The standard bhp was 66 bhp at 5,000 rpm, when finished the modifications 105 bhp at 6,200 rpm was achieved 63 percent increase in power. The suspension and brakes modified and uprated, a set of 13in x 6in Minilite wheels fitted. With the increased wheel diameter all four wheel arches were given a slight flair. The steering remain standard, but a smaller diameter , thicker-rimmed steering wheel was fitted.

The most noticeable aerodynamic change was the full width front spoiler fitted. The driving compartment was greatly enhanced by the use of Wolfrace-brand seats, the seats provided excellent lateral stability when the car was driven through corners in a sporting manner. A full roll bar was also fitted. Additional instrumentation was provided on the consul-mounted panel. This panel held a voltmeter, clock and all important oil temperature gauge. The spare Minilite wheel and tyre were securely mounted in the area normally occupied by the rear seats in a standard Fiesta.The Healey Fiesta was painted Jaguar British Racing Green with Yellow pin-striping adding to the subtle colour scheme. A small plaque was added to the centre of the dashboard. The Healey Fiesta was first shown as part of the Ford Racing Display at the 1978 Indianapolis race and during the following year was shown at many shows and racing events throughout the US. Only one Healey Fiesta was built and on the firewall of the car bears serial number HF-001. Thanks to the Healey book for the information.

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