1928 Hupmobile Model A Racer

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    49 900 EUR
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    Hupmobile Model A Racer
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    Cabriolet / Roadster
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    Bruges, Belgium
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    about 1 year
Rock 'n Roll Classics
Rock 'n Roll ClassicsLieven Bauwensstraat 30 8200 Sint-Andries (Brugge)
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Hupmobile, now perhaps not a big name among classic car enthusiasts, but this was once different. This historic American brand was once one of the respected and beloved brands in the American automotive industry that unfortunately did not survive the Great Depression after 30 years as a car manufacturer. The brand originated in the heart of the American automotive industry, Detroit. The brothers Robert and Louis Hup, both working at Oldsmobile and Ford, decided to go their separate ways and develop their own vehicle. They introduced their first model, the Hupmobile 20 at the Detroit auto show in 1908. This 4-cylinder, 2-speed 2-seater car was an overwhelming success and sold 1,600 units in the first year. Over the years, Hupmobile remained at the top and was thus able to recruit the best engineers. In the 1920s they evolved from four-cylinder to Straight-six engines and this in various models. By 1926, the Hupmobile Six was introduced and sales reached high peaks. Their success meant that by 1928 they had already produced more than 65,800 cars. Propelled by these exceptional results, they decided to play a division higher with the introduction of a 70hp 6-cylinder and later the phenomenal 133hp 8-cylinder. However, this turned out to be a serious miscalculation when the stock market crashed a little later and people could no longer afford petrol guzzling monsters. However, the Hupps stubbornly clung to their precious ideas, heralding the swan song of this once phenomenal brand. The end of 1940 therefore marked the end of the production of the once so highly regarded and technologically progressive Huppmobile's, as a result of which this iconic brand also perished due to its continuous pursuit of (too expensive) technological innovation.

The 1928 Hupmobile Special 6 that we can offer you here dates from 1928, the brand's most successful year. The straight six provides 57 hp, but make no mistake, with its only 589 kg this machine goes surprisingly fast. The necessary improvements and the gearbox from the 50s ensure that the car shifts extremely smoothly and can certainly stand its ground among the younger generation. The straight exhaust, covered with rope like the steering wheel, provides a heavenly sound. The appearance itself will also make a lot of heads turn, the tough looks in a striking color and all this combined with the baritone voice of the exhaust.

The powerful six-cylinder in-line engine in a Grand Prix racer jacket is guaranteed to be a rare appearance at any classic car event. The 1928 year of manufacture also provides a very low coefficient for classic rallies. The car was owned by a well-known Dutch collector and has already taken part in many well-known rides, the list is long, but we would like to include the following: Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort, Pre-War Days, Eifel Rennen, Classic Drivers club Meeting.

This is truly a unique opportunity to purchase a unique prewar car, a car that you can also enjoy and with which it is pleasant to drive.

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