• Price
    95 000 EUR
  • Model
  • Year
    1988 January
  • Condition
  • Body Type
    Cabriolet / Roadster
  • Fuel Type
  • Power
  • Mileage
    9,383 km
  • Address
    Rue de Montfort, 78770 Marcq, France
  • Country
  • Published
    8 months
Average response time: about 11 hours
  • ID
  • VIN
  • Color
  • Metallic
  • Engine
    6 cylinder 4.2L
  • Engine Number
  • Chassis Number
  • Gearbox
  • Steering Wheel
  • Drive Wheels
  • 1st Reg. Country
  • Doors
  • Interior Color



The jaguar E-Type is an icon of automotive design, so much so that the great Enzo Ferrari said about it:
''it is the most beautiful car in the world''.
However, chronologically, there is more exclusive and much rarer than an E-Type: The Jaguar XKSS
The XKSS is considered to be the stylistic outline of what the E-Type will be.
If we go back in time, the XKSS is also the worthy heir of the D-Type which won the 24 hours of Le Mans. Indeed, the XKSS is neither more nor less than the road version of the D-Type ''short nose'' of track.
Nowadays, the XKSS is a bit of a fantasy for all collectors of vintage jaguars and English cars. Produced only during one month (from January 1957 to February 1957) and this; with only 16 specimens; it is thus rarer than the clovers with 4 leaves!
If we add the 2 D-Types transformed into XKSS by the jaguar factory in 1958, the production counter remains sadly blocked at only 18 examples worldwide.
With ridiculous production figures and a breathtaking line, it is normal to see collectors from all over the world fighting for millions of dollars to drive this extremely rare cat.
Therefore, all those who don't have 13 million euros to buy a real XKSS will have to be reasonable and accept to drive a Jaguar XKSS replica. Once this assumption is made, the enlightened collector is entitled to think that his dream of driving an XKSS is within reach.......not so simple, because in fact, there are very few XKSS replicas.
The famous brand LYNX has made some XKSS replicas in metal shells which are sold for 400 - 500 000 euros (10 examples, including 3 in left-hand drive).
As for the XKSS replicas of their competitor RAM (in fiberglass); there too, about 10 examples would have been produced ... and this essentially for the local English market and thus unfortunately in right-hand drive (in their very large majority). In short .....all the eyes of Jaguar enthusiasts are focused on the XKSS. From then on, finding a collector willing to part with his XKSS replica, is an uphill battle.
Another notorious fact that completed the deification of the XKSS: The (cinematographic) spotlight coming from the pilot and actor Steeve McQueen.
Indeed, Steeve McQueen liked to drive his XKSS in the 60's and was often featured in magazines at the wheel.
The Jaguar XKSS that we offer for sale is ultra rare because it is a replica XKSS (1988) in French driving (left hand drive) from the English brand RAM. It arrives from the US and was ordered by an American buyer.
The car is in a magnificent condition and has just been given a perfect technical check-up after a major revision.
But what is this replica? Here is a precise description:
Chassis & suspensions:
- Tubular chassis rigorously designed by the famous engineer & pilot : Adrian REYNARD
- Wheelbase of 90 inches
- High performance tubular chassis
- Front suspension based on jaguar XJ series 2 post 1974 components
- Rear suspension based on Jaguar components (S Type or modified XJ)
- Rack and pinion steering MGB type + Escort MK1 column
- Front brakes : Jaguar type discs
- Rear brakes : Jaguar type discs
- Brake assist (front) with depression NEW
- 15'' aluminum wheels
- Tires : Dunlop 205/70 R15 NEW

Engine :
- Jaguar engine 6 cylinders in line 4,2 liters (redone a little while ago in 2018)
- Dual SU carburetors
- Polished aluminum cylinder head covers
- Performance air filter
- Jaguar 3 in 1 cast iron exhaust manifolds
- Brand new high performance mini starter
- New Bosch battery
- Engine rebuilt in 2018
- Jaguar independent suspension rear axle
- Jaguar 4 speed manual gearbox + electric overdrive (controlled by switch on dashboard)
Exterior :
- Fiberglass shell with partial assembly using rivets for more realism and fidelity.
- Chromed luggage rack
- Navy blue paint in very good condition
- Navy blue soft top coordinated with the bodywork
- Chrome fittings in good condition
Interior :
- High quality English leather interior in tan color
- English Vilton carpeting
- Classic English instrumentation
- Wooden steering wheel with rivets signed Motolita
- English safety harnesses (blue) Willans

The car is comfortable and the driving position is unique. You'll have to get used to the pedals, which don't like big shoes because of the space between the pedals, a matter of habit. The engine breathes health, it's a delight; very well shod, the RAM is faithful to the road, its short wheelbase gives it a very interesting road anchorage, very reactive, we can have fun at the wheel.
Our opinion
If you are looking for a rare part and a mythical car, your garage will thank you, it is unique! Don't hesitate !

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