2006 Mercedes-Benz CLK 350 Avantgarde

19 450 EUR

2006 Mercedes-Benz CLK 350 Avantgarde

19 450 EUR
  • Model
    Mercedes-Benz CLK 350 Avantgarde
  • Year
  • Condition
  • Body Type
    Cabriolet / Roadster
  • Fuel Type
  • Power
    200 kw (272 hp)
  • Mileage
    95,834 km
  • Address
    Elspeterweg 65B, 3888 MT Uddel, Netherlands
  • Country
  • Published
    almost 3 years ago
Engine Number
Chassis Number
Steering Wheel
Drive Wheels
1st Reg. Country
Interior Color


Mercedes CLK 209
Execution: Avantgarde
Engine: 3.5 V6 272hp
Bodywork: Convertible
Transmission: 7-g tronic automatic
Exterior: Black
Interior: Leather Nappa Brown

Asking price includes:

- 3 month warranty, maximum 10,000 km, on engine and box
- Fuel for return
- Technical control + additional work
- Polished inside and out

For sales outside the Netherlands, the asking price includes:

- Technical control + additional work
- Polished inside and out

1. Purchasing
2. Maintenance history
3. General condition of the car
4. Technically executed items on the basis of the 134 points checklist
5. Booklets / accessories
6. Working method CabrioMaarten
7. General information / own input
8. Option list

We only buy our convertibles from private individuals. We do this for 90% in Germany as we can find the quality there that we, as convertible enthusiasts, support 100%. This means that the convertible meets the following requirements:

1. Presence 100% demonstrable maintenance history
2. The convertible must be in the possession of an enthusiast
3. The convertible may have had a maximum of 3 owners
4. The convertible must have been in the possession of the private individual for at least 3 years, if different, then with good reason
5. No accident damage
6. Original ex-factory (that is our aim)
* This Mercedes has the following accessories that are not original factory fitted:
- Mats front and back.
7. We only buy the convertible as soon as we have a click with the private individual and all the above points are correct

Maintenance history:

We bought this CLK from the first owner.

- 0 km -7-6-2006- Mercedes A.G.
- 21261 km -28-5-2008- Autohaus Allgau Mercedes Benz dealer
- 39,665 km -6-5-2010- Autohaus Allgau Mercedes Benz dealer
- 72309 km -24-3-2014- Autoservice Vergolst Fussen
- 85993 km -13-4-2016- Autoservice Vergolst Fussen
- 95628 km - 10-2-2020 - Autoservice Vergolst Fussen

General condition of the car:

* Exterior: good

Work that we have had performed:
- Brushing 2 days
- Repair / spray 4 rims
- Repair / spray front bumper and hood (chippings)
- Repair / paint passenger side mirror cover (damage)
- Repair / spray rear bumper (damage)
- Repairing / spraying bumper strips driver and passenger side (damage)
- Repair the passenger door underside (light rust)


* Interior: excellent
Work we have performed:
- Cleaning the interior
- Matt leather upholstery

- Small scratches on the radio screen
Technically executed matters a.d.h.v. the 134 points checklist:

- 4 x Tire Michelin 245/40 zr17 tl 95y mi sport 4 xl including mounting
balancing disposal fee and intake of old tires
- Bonnet logo with mounting hardware
- Driver's side sill strip
- Renew the camshaft adjuster exhaust
- Exhaust middle and rear silencer
- Carry out a check, remove rust and tectylate brake lines
- Extensive purchase inspection
- APK inspection in combination with extensive purchase inspection

Booklets / accessories:

- Mercedes-Benz Mobilolife Warranty Package info
- Kurzubersicht CLK class
- Serviceheft fur Fahrzeuge mit Serviceystem ASSYST
- Betriebsanleitung CLK class
- Betriebsanleitung Radsicherung
- Betriebsanleitung Audio 20
- Storage folder Mercedes-Benz
- 2 keys

Working method CabrioMaarten:

- 134 points control including additional work. During this 134 point check, the thickness of the brake discs and pads is measured, the maintenance requirement is checked, the tire profile is checked and many more important things.

- Any damage to the paint / bodywork will be repaired by a FOCWA recognized car repair company. Think of scratches on a rear bumper, excessive stone chips on the hood / bumper or damage to a rim

- Minor scratches or damage to the paintwork are repaired by our mobile restyler. This man is very experienced in sheet metal / body repair

- Professional, thorough cleaning and renewal of the interior and exterior. Damaged entrance cheeks are also professionally restored to the factory color

General information / own input:

The CLK Cabriolet was introduced in 1998. The chassis was based on the C class, while the appearance came from the drawing box of the E class. The CLK was redrawn in 2003, using more rounded, smoother lines. The facelift was introduced in 2005. The biggest differences are the engine, gearbox and a few changes to the exterior and interior.
The special thing about the W 209 series is that the fabric hood produces 65 DB at a speed of 100 km / h. At the time, this was comparable to a sedan in the luxury segment.

The engine is the successor to the 320 6 cylinder. This engine produces 272 hp and delivers its maximum torque at 2400 rpm. A smooth engine with a beautiful running and a recognizable 6-cylinder sound.
Option list:

523 Audio system Audio 20 CD
477 Tire pressure monitoring system
581 Comfort air conditioning automatic (Thermotronic)
401 Comfort seats in the front (including ventilation and heating)
954 Avantgarde design and equipment line
739 Interior design: Decorations Aluminum
220 Parktronic system PTS (front and rear)
875 Windscreen washer heated
282 Ski bag
810A Seat cover / cushions: Nappa
R52 Alloy wheels 9-double-spoke 17-inch wide-set

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