2006 Mercedes-Benz SLK 350

21 950 EUR

2006 Mercedes-Benz SLK 350

21 950 EUR
  • Model
    Mercedes-Benz SLK 350
  • Year
  • Condition
  • Body Type
    Cabriolet / Roadster
  • Fuel Type
  • Power
    200 kw (272 hp)
  • Mileage
    64,856 km
  • Address
    Elspeterweg 65B, 3888 MT Uddel, Netherlands
  • Country
  • Published
    almost 3 years ago
Engine Number
Chassis Number
Steering Wheel
Drive Wheels
1st Reg. Country
Interior Color
CabrioMaartenElspeterweg 65B, 3888 MT Uddelcabriomaarten.nl


Asking price includes:

- 3 month warranty, maximum 10,000 km, on engine and box
- Fuel for return
- Technical control + additional work
- Polished inside and out

For sales outside the Netherlands, the asking price includes:

- Technical control + additional work
- Polished inside and out

1. Purchasing
2. Maintenance history
3. General condition of the car
4. Technically executed items on the basis of the 134 points checklist
5. Booklets / accessories
6. Working method CabrioMaarten
7. General information / own input
8. Option list


We only buy our convertibles from private individuals. We do this for 90% in Germany as we can find the quality there that we, as convertible enthusiasts, support 100%. This means that the convertible meets the following requirements:

1. Presence 100% demonstrable maintenance history
2. The convertible must be in the possession of an enthusiast
3. The convertible may have had a maximum of 3 owners
4. The convertible must have been in the possession of the private individual for at least 3 years, if different, then with good reason
5. No accident damage
6. Original ex-factory (that is our aim)
7. We only buy the convertible as soon as we have a click with the private individual and all the above points are correct

Maintenance history:

We bought this SLK from the 2nd owner, who owned it since 2007.
* Maintenance intervals will follow.

General condition of the car:

* Exterior: excellent
Work we have had performed:
- 1 rim repaired / painted (light damage)
- Bonnet repaired / painted (stone chips)


* Interior: excellent
- A few small signs of wear

Technically executed matters a.d.h.v. the 134 points checklist: (these things are carried out on delivery)

- Carry out a check, brake pads for renewing, brake calipers
clean, lubricate guide pins and brake pistons and make them easy

Technically executed matters a.d.h.v. the 134 points checklist:

- Extensive purchase inspection

Booklets / accessories:
- Servicelift ASSYST PLUS
- NAVTEQ Lizenzvertrag
- Kurzubersicht SLK class
- Audio 50 APS Betriebsanleitung
- Mercedes-Benz udn Mobil Motorsport Partner
- EUROPE Navigation CD Audi 50 APS
- Mercedes-Benz Das Langzeit Guarantee Package
- Betriebsanleitung SLK class
- EG-Ubereinstemmungsbescheinigung
- Business card Mercedes-Benz Josef Spielvogel
- 2 keys
- Various Mercedes-Benz accounts
- Various TUV reports
- Storage cover for Airguide (Windshield)
- Storage folder Mercedes Benz

Working method CabrioMaarten:

- 134 points control including additional work. During this 134 point check, the thickness of the brake discs and pads is measured, the maintenance requirement is checked, the tire profile is checked and many more important things.

- Any damage to the paint / bodywork will be repaired by a FOCWA recognized car repair company. Think of scratches on a rear bumper, excessive stone chips on the hood / bumper or damage to a rim

- Minor scratches or damage to the paintwork are repaired by our mobile restyler. This man is very experienced in sheet metal / body repair

- Professional, thorough cleaning and renewal of the interior and exterior. Damaged entrance cheeks are also professionally restored to the factory color

7.General information / own input:

Benitoit blue metallic. Probably a color that could not convey the conviction from a color sample at the Mercedes-Benz dealer, because you don't see that much driving there. Fortunately, at the time, some dealers had a demo or stock model in this color, because as soon as it was "really" viewed, people became lyrical and finally it said on the purchase agreement; Benitiot blue metallic!
Fortunately, in this "modern" world we no longer have to choose from a color sample. I am sure, if the Mercedes Benz dealer could show this color to the potential buyer on a Virtual Reality car configurator, there would be many more SLKs in this color. What a great color this is! Shades such as; green, light blue, dark blue and even a little black are all incorporated.

If you are looking for an SLK with a 6 cylinder, the market offer is already a lot smaller. If you also want to combine this with a low odometer reading, the search will be completely limited. The type R 170 (intro 1996) also had a 6 cylinder in the range (facelift). Fantastic engine with a unique sound. The difference with a 4 cylinder was big. This was partly due to the sound, a lot of torque and the buttery soft character of the V6. The 320 produced 218 HP.
This SLK (R171) offered for sale is equipped with a 3.5 liter, 272 HP strong 6 cylinder. The sound is just as peculiar as the previous type. Beautiful, deep sound.
The SLK 350 shoots from 0-100 km / h in 5.5 seconds and has an unlimited top speed of 250 km / h!

Option list:

525 Audio navigation system Audio 50 APS
427 Automatic gearbox - (7-speed)
477 Tire pressure alarm
614 Bi-xenon headlights
283 Deflector Glass (Airguide)
403 Main room heating (Airscarf)
600 Headlamp washers (headlamp washers)
11000 Metallic paint
220 Parktronic system PTS (front and rear)
875 Windscreen washer heated
345 Windshield wiper with Rain sensor
280 Shift / selector lever handle Leather
810 Sound system Harman-Kardon with Logic7 surround system
486 Sport chassis
871A Seat cover / cushions: Leather
873 Front seat heating
428 Handlebar with rocker switches / buttons
726 Preparation Roof carrier system
386 Preparation Mobile phone / cell phone

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