1968 Neckar Jagst 770

9 999 EUR

1968 Neckar Jagst 770

9 999 EUR
  • Model
    Neckar Jagst 770
  • Year
  • Condition
  • Body Type
  • Fuel Type
  • Power
    17 kw (23 hp)
  • Mileage
    56,765 km
  • Address
    Lademannbogen 53 D22339 Hamburg
  • Country
  • Published
    over 1 year ago
Engine Number
Chassis Number
Steering Wheel
Drive Wheels
1st Reg. Country
Interior Color


* **We have in these times no regular opening hours, but are always available.**\ **Visits only by appointment by phone !**\ **You annoy unnecessarily if you do not meet us.**\ **With an exclusive appointment we devote ourselves fully to you and your wishes.**\ **Please also visit our website: www.autohasselberg.de**\ **There you will find a comprehensive description and up to 40 photos of our vehicles...**\\\\quote from frwiki.wiki:\\The Jagst 600 is an automobile produced under license by the German manufacturer Fiat-NSU and renamed in 1960 Fiat Neckar from March 1956 in its factory in Heilbronn near Stuttgart . The model will know 3s until 1969.\\From 1922, the German manufacturer NSU began to produce FIAT- models under license . It very quickly became the second best brand in Germany. In 1929, the company went bankrupt for the first time, and the Fiat Italy group bought the company and resumed the production of its own models. The activity under the name Fiat-NSU lasted until December 31, 1959, when the heirs of NSU wanted to take over the production of automobiles under the name NSU. On January 1, 1960, the Fiat-NSU models were renamed Fiat Neckar . Despite the sale of the Wankel rotary engine patent to Mazda and Citroen and the title of Car of the Year 1968, which was obtained before the Fiat 125 with the very beautiful NSU Ro 80, NSU went bankrupt again in 1968. The company was taken over by Volkswagen, which merged it with Auto Union to create Audi.\\\\The Jagst 770\\From January 1, 1960, the name NSU again becomes the property of the German heirs and Fiat-NSU becomes Fiat Neckar. The manufacturer took the opportunity to refresh its successful model with some changes, as the Italian original had done with the development of the Fiat 600 to 600D :\The doors always open against the wind, but are equipped with deflectors.\The interior is neater and the instrumentation completed.\The 633 cc engine is replaced by the new version of the Fiat 100, the 767 cc 100D with 23 DIN hp.\This model is produced after the development of the Italian original from January 1960 to September 1964.\\\\Jagst 2\\Fiat Neckar Jagst 2\\At the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1964, the Jagst 770 received some minor body modifications. It complies with the new European road traffic regulations by reversing the opening direction of the doors, which now open against the wind. The front is brightened without the radiator grille that had characterized previous models.\\\\The 767 cc Fiat 100D engine was retained without any change in performance until production ceased in September 1966.\ A total of 171,355 copies of Jagst were manufactured Heilbronn between 1956 and 1967. This model was initially intended only for the German market, being introduced in France in small quantities and marketed through the Chardonnet network , which also distributed Autobianchi brands. , Lancia and certain Fiat models produced outside Italy, the Polski-Fiat and the Zastava.****\, rear-wheel drive

Translated by DeepL

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