1967 Plymouth Belvedere II GTX Tribute RestoMod

65 067 EUR

1967 Plymouth Belvedere II GTX Tribute RestoMod

65 067 EUR
  • Model
    Plymouth Belvedere II GTX Tribute RestoMod
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  • Mileage
    3,096 km
  • Address
    614 E. Auto Center Dr, Suite 101 Mesa, AZ 85204
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  • Published
    May 23, 2023

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We call this a 1967 Plymouth GTX tribute, but really, it's so much more. Because while it has the look of a rare and famous muscle car, underneath the skin are terrific restomod upgrades, like the A/C interior, Bluetooth radio, performance suspension, four-wheel disc brakes, five-speed, and fuel-injection on the big 440 V8. It's all part of an impressive package that's also exceptionally fresh with less than 2k miles on the full build.

This was the first year of the GTX, and a Belvedere II can make a convincing tribute. First, the golden paint perfectly showcases the attitude Plymouth was aiming to deliver. After all, the GTX wanted to be both premium and bold. And not only did they invest big in the paint, but you can tell they took their time with the body before the first drop of gold went down. Straight panels like this are essential because of some of the features that were only in the GTX in 1967. For example, the full-length side trim needs well-fitting doors to have a nearly seamless style. And the hardtop roof has a well-defined cantilever form that only looks right when it's accompanied by crisply creased sheet metal. Dual hood scoops, big/bright bumpers, and large dual exhaust tips are the right GTX-level muscle car intimidation. And while the wheels have a similar style to Mopar Road wheels, they are really modern 18-inch alloys. But they look quite incognito because the modern tires even have the classic redline style. It's all part of a thoughtfully assembled total package.

The black vinyl interior pairs well with the bright gold on the outside. These were midsize muscle cars of the day, but that designation in the 1960s means full-size comfort today. So there's plenty of room to have family and friends spreading out across the dual bench seats. In fact, this coupe was built to keep everyone happy with well-integrated upgrades like cold-blowing air conditioning and a retro-style radio that's an AM/FM digital tuner with Bluetooth. But you don't need anyone else along for the ride to have fun in this Plymouth. It feels like a driver's car from the moment you grab the factory three-spoke wheel. Beyond that is a clear gauge package, as well as cleanly installed auxiliary readouts - including a very handy tach. And have you counted the gears on the shifter yet?

The reason why you upgrade to a GTX is not that you want to add premium style or features. Those are nice, but the GTX name means you have serious 440 cubic-inch Super Commando power under the hood. The inner walls of the engine bay look quite clean to remind you there was a recent restoration, and the dark style in the middle reminds you of its power. We're told this mighty Mopar powerhouse was rebuilt with an aggressive cam. It also has Edelbrock Performer aluminum heads, an Edelbrock intake, and headers feeding the dual exhaust. Plus, it's topped with a FiTech electronic fuel injection system for the best in power and consistency. There are also good supporting components, like the MSD ignition, Mopar Performance finned valve covers, dual electric fans, and the battery moved to the trunk for better weight distribution. You are in firm command of this pure power package thanks to an upgrade to a Tremec five-speed manual transmission. And as you look underneath, you can see this has the components to really give you confident control. This includes an upgraded QA1 front end, a thick rear sway bar, power steering, four-wheel power disc brakes, and grippy Toyo Proxes tires.

There is a cleanliness to this restomod, right down to the undercarriage and trunk. It tells you that this mean street machine was thoughtfully built over every inch. That's what makes it premium, powerful, and absolutely irresistible. Call today!!!

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