1969 Plymouth Road Runner

62 279 EUR

1969 Plymouth Road Runner

62 279 EUR
  • Model
    Plymouth Road Runner
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  • Mileage
    125,444 km
  • Address
    614 E. Auto Center Dr, Suite 101 Mesa, AZ 85204
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  • Published
    May 29, 2023
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1st Reg. Country
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Streetside Classics Phoenix614 E. Auto Center Dr, Suite 101 Mesa, AZ 85204
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A 1969 Plymouth Road Runner with a powerful 383 V8 under the hood and four-on-the-floor is already quite awesome. And as you look over the whole package, you'll see investment to make this muscle Mopar a sharp-looking total package. So you just know this loves to get attention for much more than just the BEEP! BEEP! horn.

This was arguably the best year for the Road Runner. It wanted to own every inch of the blacktop with a wide blocky stance, imposing chrome bumpers, and rear fenders that extend past the trunk. The factory-correct Jamaica Blue is a later respray that has a quality gloss. So it helps show off the delicate details within the brawny body. This includes the eyebrow lines on the fenders, the unique rear window, and the sculpted dip in the trunk. So while this is a true muscle car brute, we also love it for being a thoughtfully designed Mopar. And this one really has everything you love on a Road Runner, like the vented hood, wide dual exhaust tips, and fun carton badging. We especially like the Mopar road wheels. They are a classic-style option but now in a larger 15-inch size. So you can now fit more modern tires, while also disguising them as classic redline units.

There has been a solid investment inside to keep this white interior looking terrific. The trim tag tells us the color is factory-correct, and so it makes the car's Jamaica Blue paint name also feel like its overall attitude. After all, the beautiful blue reminds us of a tropical ocean, and the white upholstery is the crest of the waves. So you'll love keeping the windows down on this hardtop just so the pillarless style can show off the full island style vibe inside and out. Not only is this an attractive color combo, but they also took the time to keep this feeling absolutely vintage. We love the details, like the thin headrests, smooth wood-like trim on the center console, and working AM radio with 8-track. And the front bucket seats are a good reminder that the driver is the most important in this Plymouth. You the classic BEEP! BEEP! steering wheel, full factory gauges with rarely-seen tach, and an added water temp readout. And we bet you're already wondering what that shifter would look like with a pistol grip on top.

From the moment you lift the hood, you know exactly why this one gets your heart racing. The 383 cubic-inch V8 is a replacement block, but it carries the correct style. So we bet you'll love everything from the classic battery cover to the large Coyote Duster air grabber. And because you can barely see beneath Wile E. they took the opportunity to upgrade the four-barrel carburetor to a later Edelbrock unit. It's a strong V8 that makes a terrific tune out of the dual exhaust. You have complete control over the big V8's power and its rumbling soundtrack thanks to the numbers-matching four-speed manual transmission. This Road Runner keeps the tradition of muscle cars that want you to have an unfiltered feel of the road, but there are the right driver's features, like power brakes and front discs.

The sale comes complete with nice paperwork like the factory order sheet, title documentation, and build receipts. This is a powerful, distinct, and truly fun Road Runner. So don't miss this Mopar hardtop. Call today!!!

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