2004 Porsche Boxster S

26 950 EUR

2004 Porsche Boxster S

26 950 EUR
  • Model
    Porsche Boxster S
  • Year
  • Condition
  • Body Type
    Cabriolet / Roadster
  • Fuel Type
  • Power
    191 kw (260 hp)
  • Mileage
    69,644 km
  • Address
    Elspeterweg 65B, 3888 MT Uddel, Netherlands
  • Country
  • Published
    almost 2 years ago
CabrioMaartenElspeterweg 65B, 3888 MT Uddel
Engine Number
Chassis Number
Steering Wheel
Drive Wheels
1st Reg. Country
Interior Color


Porsche Boxster
Execution: n / a
Engine: 3.2 260HP
Body: 2-door roadster
Transmission: Manual, 6 gears
Exterior: Sealgrau
Interior: Leather Graffitigrau

The price includes:
- 3 month warranty, maximum 10,000 km, on engine and box
- Fuel for return
- Technical control + additional work
- Polished inside and out

The price includes: (sales abroad)

- Technical control + additional work
- Polished inside and out

1. Purchasing
2. Maintenance history
3. General condition of the car
4. Technically executed items on the basis of the 134 points checklist
5. Booklets / accessories
6. Working method CabrioMaarten
7. General information / own input
8. Option list


We only buy our convertibles from private individuals. We do this for 90% in Germany as we can find the quality there that we, as convertible enthusiasts, support 100%. This means that the convertible meets the following requirements:

1. Presence 100% demonstrable maintenance history
2. The convertible must be in the possession of an enthusiast
3. The convertible may have had a maximum of 3 owners
4. The convertible must have been in the possession of the private individual for at least 3 years, if different, then with good reason
5. No accident damage
6. Original ex-factory (that is our aim)
7. We only buy the convertible as soon as we have a click with the private individual and all the above points are correct

We bought this Porsche Boxster S from the second owner who had owned it since 2019 (sold in connection with the purchase of a new Porsche)

0 km -28-2-2004- Porsche Zuffenhausen
20 475 km -16-5-2005- Porsche Zuffenhausen
33854 km -12-6-2008- Porsche Regensburg
45 720 km -7-7-2010- Porsche Regensburg
59144 km -5-8-2014- Porsche Regensburg
66329 km -8-6-2019- Porsche Regensburg
68593 km -5-5-2020- Aldo Vallorani Porsche Service
General condition of the car:

* Exterior: excellent
Some rims have very light damage.


* Interior: excellent
Work we have had performed:
- Repair / paint driver's seat entrance sidewall with factory color paint

Technical matters that still need to be carried out on the basis of the 134 points checklist:

- Perform brake fluid service, check
- Battery Start / Stop Bosch AGM with 2 year warranty
- Install and replace gearbox and renew crankshaft oil seal,
to do this, assemble and assemble various surrounding parts
- Engine oil 5w30 full synthetic synpower XL3 8.5
- Apply motor flush
- Apply oil conditioner petrol
- Oil filter new
- Coolant g12 packed
- Extensive purchase inspection
- APK inspection in combination with extensive purchase inspection

Booklets / accessories:

- Warranty & Wartung
- Porsche Assistance
- Service Verzeichnis
- Betriebsanleitung Porsche Boxster / Boxster S
- Porsche CD R 22
- Short explanation Porsche Boxster / Boxster S
- Various papers
- Porsche Boxster brochure
- 2 keys
- Spare wheel 80 km / h including all accessories
- Porsche Radio code card
- Edge folder leather Porsche

Working method CabrioMaarten:

- 134 points control including additional work. During this 134 point check, the thickness of the brake discs and pads is measured, the maintenance requirement is checked, the tire profile is checked and many more important things.

- Any damage to the paint / bodywork will be repaired by a FOCWA recognized car repair company. Think of scratches on a rear bumper, excessive stone chips on the hood / bumper or damage to a rim

- Minor scratches or damage to the paintwork are repaired by our mobile restyler. This man is very experienced in sheet metal / body repair

- Professional, thorough cleaning and renewal of the interior and exterior. Damaged entrance cheeks are also professionally restored to the factory color

General information / own input:

Just walk around it, sit in the interior, look around and then you realize; this is a Porsche! Feeling strange, but it makes you oh-so greedy. It gives a special feeling, something special ... The special feeling is reinforced when you read the text below;

The chassis is tighter, brakes are even more powerful than the 204 or 220 HP version, the S version sounds a bit raw, eager, and nervous. Those who enthusiastically cycle through the tours will provide themselves and the environment with a few special sound sensations.
Not only your ears will enjoy this special version. It is also a special feeling to sprint to 100 in 5.7 seconds. This Boxster S is fast enough to dive into it if there is a hole on the left lane.
The Boxster S feels so sporty in all respects that the Tip-tronic actually only detracts from it and so it should be manual, like this one.
Mean? Depends on your courage. Even those who have a healthy dose of guts and skill will discover that this Porsche can do just more than you thought a few seconds before.
'' Autoweek says about the manual gearbox and the chassis ''.

This Porsche Boxster S has the optional Porsche Sport seats. These not only look fantastic, but also fit perfectly! You can see from everything that this is Porsche quality. Beautiful use of materials and a wonderful experience! I can still write a whole text about the 'feeling' I have with Porsche, but I would rather give it to you when you are in Uddel at CabrioMaarten.

What a fun machine!

Option list:

573 Automatic air conditioning
659 On-board computer
424 CD box / storage place
551 Deflector
490 Sound package
981 Interior decoration: Leather
411 Alloy wheels front / rear: 7.5x18 / 9x18 (Carrera Wheel)
11000 Metallic paint
476 Porsche Stability Management (PSM)
635 Driving assistance system Parking assistance
P77 Front sports seats
983 Seat cover / cushions: Leather
342 Seat heating, front left
342 Seat heating, front right

This is a young timer!

Young timers are cars that are at least 15 years old. What good is such an old car now? Young timers as we track down and offer them, with a demonstrably low mileage and maintenance history, can easily last for many years to come. For the price of a compact city car you can drive a full-fledged premium segment car! The purchase is, especially compared to the original new price, favorable and a Youngtimer also loses little value, resulting in low depreciation. Moreover, for the business driver an extremely favorable addition scheme applies so that the price-conscious entrepreneur saves a lot of money net.

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