1929 Rolls-Royce 20hp Owner/Driver Saloon by Maddox

  • Price
    63 684 EUR58 000 GBP (listed)
  • Model
    Rolls-Royce 20hp Owner/Driver Saloon by Maddox
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  • Body Type
    Sedan / Saloon
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    9 Globe Industrial Estate, Grays, Essex, RM17 6ST
  • Country
    United Kingdom
  • Published
    about 2 months
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1929 Rolls Royce 20hp Owner/driver Saloon by Maddox

Chassis number: GXO4
Registration number: EW6234

A very late car delivered in the last part of 1929.  This Rolls Royce 20hp is bodied by Maddox of Huntingdon & has the one-shot lubrication system found on later 20/25 models & also assorted other items such as vertical Radiator Shutters & a bulkhead mounted fuel on/off lever.

The car was purchased by the current owner some years ago & was then put through a thorough & massive restoration of all mechanical parts by noted repairers A & S engineering of Alton.  It is always a pleasure to handle a car done by A & S as when you visit them you immediately know you are in the presence of Rolls Royce repair greatness & cars done by them are always to the highest quality.  Indeed bills on the car over the last few years total around £60,000 not including the initial £30k purchase price.

Works undertaken include a full mechanical overhaul along with a rewire incorrect colour coded cotton covered wiring.  

Overdrive is also fitted allowing for 50MPH cruising speeds.  Usefully the overdrive also deploys in third gear when called upon to do so allowing for easy ascents on hills where one might otherwise not change up due to the speed lost when changing from third to fourth gear.

The car is finished in dark maroon over black with the paint being in lovely freshly done condition.  To the interior is new Bedford cord to the rear seats whilst other original areas such as the door cards & twin occasional seat has been carefully conserved.  4-way hazard flashers have also been discreetly fitted as a nod to modern safety standards.  The car sits on four brand new tyres & a 5th new tyre is mounted to the running board spare.

As a result of the attentions of A & S engineering, the car runs and performs beautifully.  The engine is silent & starts instantly.  The steering is fingertip light & precise.  The 4 wheel brakes are well adjusted, pin-sharp & pull the vehicle up easily.  The addition of the Tim Payne overdrive makes for very relaxed B road cruising at modern-day speeds.

A new exhaust has been fabricated & fitted as has a new Radiator core allowing the car to run at 60 to 70 degrees on what has so far been the hottest day of the year.  Being an owner-driver car there is ample room available upfront for those of larger stature with the front seats being fully adjustable fore & aft

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