1927 Rolls-Royce Phantom 1 tourer by Hooper

986 340 EUR

1927 Rolls-Royce Phantom 1 tourer by Hooper

986 340 EUR
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    Rolls-Royce Phantom 1 tourer by Hooper
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    Cabriolet / Roadster
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    9 Globe Industrial Estate Grays Essex, RM17 6ST, UK
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1927 Rolls Royce Phantom 1 tourer by Hooper.

Chassis number: 57EF

Registration Number: DS8933

Among the most lucrative and prestigious markets for the model was of course the Empire, then in full splendour, and especially the Rajahs and Maharajahs of India. They commissioned some of the most elaborate coachwork ever placed on a Rolls-Royce chassis, with every exotic fitment imaginable, so that the order forms for such clients make fascinating reading. 57EF is just such a car, ordered from Hoopers in the summer of 1927 for the resoundingly named Sri Raja Rao Venkata Jumara Mahipati Suryarao Bahadur Garu, Maharajah of Pithapuram, whose name and title must have occupied a large proportion of the order form.

The coachwork itself, a superbly-proportioned four-door tourer is of Hoopers' finest craftsmanship, with twin side-mounted spare wheels and a very ingenious system of lowering the side screens inside the doors when not required. However, as with most Maharajah cars, it is the detail fittings which catch the eye, all recorded on the Factory chassis build cards of which a copy comes in the car's documentation. The finished product glittered with special equipment, including silver-faced dashboard instruments, ivory-coloured steering wheel, card case, fitted drinks cabinet, and pleated rather than buttoned upholstery. A full set of spectacular Stephen Grebel sidelights and headlamps with matching spotlight is still fitted to the car and remain in lovely condition, still with the patented Barker dipping system.

The car has a four- panel opening windscreen, just in front of which are a pair of nautical-type scuttle ventilators. As well as the last word in comfort the Maharajah clearly also had a commitment to personal security on the move, since rather alarmingly the original specification also included "a receptacle for revolver between front seat cushions and flap to cover? Hooper patent signal indicators are fitted which are activated by a toggle type lever on the dash. They are fully working & take the form of illuminated red tubes that slide horizontally out of the scuttle area. I have only ever seen one other car fitted with them.

The list of personal requisites to the rear is too long to list but include: Silver Cigarette case & lighter, silver writing pad, silver hand mirror, chess board, binoculars, assorted decanters & marble drinks cups, full silver tea set, brandy flask, manicure set, boxed compass, etc etc. It is very rear to find the full original fittings such as this car has in situ in their entirety as listed on the cars build sheets.

How long His Highness retained the car is unknown but by the mid 1980s it had made Its way, in common with many another elaborate Rolls-Royce to the USA. Many illustrious names are associated with its subsequent history including the celebrated
Charles Howard, who has owned more great Rolls-Royces than almost anyone, and the equally spectacular Thomas W Barrett III of Scottsdale Arizona.

The car has recently had around £15,000 spent upon it including a new clutch all done by marque specialist Kenworthy & Company. It is thus in superb running order & is currently residing in an Austrian collection. The car was exhibited in September 2022 at the Schwetzingen concours d'elegance in Germany where it expelled itself by taking the coveted "Best of Show" award against stiff competition.

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