1949 Studebaker 2R Cummins Pickup 4x4

37 179 EUR

1949 Studebaker 2R Cummins Pickup 4x4

37 179 EUR
  • Model
    Studebaker 2R Cummins Pickup 4x4
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  • Mileage
    22,219 km
  • Address
    614 E. Auto Center Dr, Suite 101 Mesa, AZ 85204
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  • Published
    Nov 03, 2023
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1st Reg. Country
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Streetside Classics Phoenix614 E. Auto Center Dr, Suite 101 Mesa, AZ 85204
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This 1949 Studebaker 2R Cummins 4x4 has the kind of tall and imposing style that commands attention. And with extra-sturdy turbo diesel power, a versatile flatbed, HD dually setup, and four-wheel drive prowess make for quite a useful tool. But besides its industrial-grade toughness, everything from the A/C interior to the rarely-seen Studebaker style makes this one desirable just for its distinct true cruiser style, too.

The 2R line of trucks represents an interesting place in truck history. It was one of the first post-WWII designs to hit the road, and it was also one of the most advanced of its time. You see it in how the round car-like fenders flow into a well-designed cab. So it's a nice base to give this one distinction. But while they'll love to see it as the car shows, the level of versatility in this one means it could still also work for a living. You have handy upgrades like the big steel front bumper with integrated winch, 8-lug MotoMetal wheels, wide step bars, large towing mirrors, a tow hitch, and a terrific red and black matte two-tone done in a rugged liner-style paint. And we just know you've been eyeing that full flatbed. You have rugged coated diamond plate steel, a headache rack, stake bed pockets, and tie-down points to carry just about anything you want. It's even a hydraulic dump lift bed!

The interior was updated to straddle the line between vintage and true comfort. You still have classic features like the steel dash and two-piece windshield. But no one in 1949 got anything like the leather bucket seats with cloth inserts. There are upgrades like cold-blowing air conditioning, power windows, cup holders, seatbelts, and an AM/FM stereo with aux input and steering wheel controls. You take firm command with upgrades like a later Doge steering wheel on a tilt column and a full set of classic-style AutoMeter backlit readouts.

The well-done upgrades inside and out prove that this classic Studebaker was built for more modern appeal, and it really proves this point under the hood. You're looking at a 5.9-liter Cummins turbodiesel (12V) borrowed from a Dodge Ram. It's a terrific powerplant that upgrades the power and tough-as-nails attitude. In fact, the full one-ton chassis was borrowed from the 1990s new-style Ram. So we think it's kind of cool how Dodge styled those trucks to look more like industrial-grade machines, and now the chassis is giving a useful upgrade to a classic industrial-grade truck cab. But where the real appeal of this is that you have a better front end and true dually setup for a more useful cruiser. You even have a proper four-wheel drive setup. There's also power steering, power brakes, ABS, and front discs making this a far easier driver than you would first imagine. And since the five-speed manual transmission also has Gear Vendors overdrive, you can have a level of control/utility usually reserved for 18-wheelers.

This is the kind of truck that can be used to showcase some pretty big toys or be an attraction all on its own. And we just know you're thinking about putting your company's name on the side - even if you just do real estate sales. After all, when a custom is this capable, useful, and truly memorable, we can all find some cool uses for it. Call today!!!

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