Leather Tag – Automobilist – Black


42 $

Automobilist – Leather Tag

Tag made from vegetable-tanned leather with a strap and metal buckle closure. Features a metal plaque that can be customised.

Please bear in mind before ordering – customised tags are non-returnable.

Hand-made in Portugal. Global Shipping from Europe, delivered in a special packaging box.

Leather Tag for all Automobilists

Be it an artist, designer, journalist, writer or traveller, our accessories are made to last and serve to the utmost satisfaction of all your needs. We at Automobilist take pride in the quality of our designs and artwork. So much so that we also understand the importance of high-quality daily accessories. Therefore, we have taken matters into our own hands and created our vision of the perfect accessories dedicated to all fellow Automobilists.


Chassis plates

Drawing inspiration from vintage chassis plates, our Automobilist Accessories utilise a key element to emphasise our connection to all things automotive. The metal plate is attached to the leather using four rivets, the same way you can find them attached to the chassis of a car. Presented with the words ‘Chauffeur’ and ‘Chassis No’, the white space in the middle of the plate allows for a variety of customisation.

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