The Ecrou Bracelet

The Mechanists

74 $

A piece that holds everything together

Bracelet or Pendant M6 Ecrou by The Mechanists

Handcrafted in England

Sterling Silver 925

“With a shared true desire to create a modern interpretation of the most basic, yet significant piece of any motor. Our design team and artisan workshop have recreated a mechanic piece merging engineering & craftsmanship that will last you a lifetime.”

For the extra hours in the garage


Model ▪ M6 Ecrou

Launching date. ▪ June 2020

Country ▪ France

Body Type ▪ Sterling Silver 925

Size ▪ 10mm diameter

Kerb Weight ▪ 3g approx.

Cord ▪ Available in different colours – adjustable manually

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