Mercedes AMG GT R Drive – 5 Laps Driving Experience


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Mercedes AMG Driving Experience

Get behind the wheel of a Mercedes AMG GT R Coupe for 5 thrilling laps around an exclusive roadcourse at the Las Vegas Exotic Racing! Mercedes changed the game when they introduced this powerful but lithe auto. Over-engineered and built to excellence, the AMG GT R is the selection of the Formula 1 Grand Prix to pace their field.

Your Mercedes AMG driving experience includes:

Driving instruction in a classroom environment
Learn driving position, braking and accelerating technique
5 Laps in a Mercedes AMG GT R Coupe
Drive on a course with 7 turns, banked corners and a 1,800ft main straight-away
After your classroom instruction where you’ll learn how to maximize the power of your AMG GT R for the most thrilling drive, an instructor will take you for a discovery lap. Enjoy the ride and take notes – these guys know the track like the back of their hand and you can learn a ton of tricks.

From there, it’s pure adrenaline-fueled thrills as you slide into the driver’s seat and enjoy 5 laps in a Mercedes AMG GT R Coupe.

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