Stock Car Drive, 10 Lap Time Trial – Charlotte Motor Speedway Driving Experience


999 $

Take on Charlotte Motor Speedway’s challenging 1.5 mile D-shaped oval track that consists of 4 24 degree banking turns and a monster straight-away. For 10 laps you will be zipping around the 140,000 seat Speedway, the same track Tony Stewart set an amazing lap record at with 0:24.490 time.

  • Race at a 140,000 seat Speedway!
  • Drive 8-10 laps with no lead car!
  • Experience the same turns and straightaways the pros do!

Upon arrival you will participate in a brief driving school where you will be educated on everything you need to know, so you have a safe and exciting experience. You will learn how to properly approach turns and how to accelerate out of them with insane speed. Your personal pro driver will answer all questions you have, so you will feel completely confident when putting the pedal to the metal in a race ready stock car.

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