Coach Paint, Asphalt Black & Nitro Gloss Book

Delius Klasing

96 $

When reconditioning technical components or the interior, dealing with the materials originally used is a matter of course today and is sufficiently documented in the literature. Up until now, however, there has been an enormous gap when it comes to vehicle coatings.
This book reproduces the doctoral dissertation “History, materials and techniques of vehicle painting between 1900 and 1945” with which the graduate restorer Dr. Gundula Tutt not only wrote what is currently the most comprehensive reference work on vehicle paintwork in the pre-war period, but also created the basis of her career as the most knowledgeable paintwork expert and one of the best-known classic car restorers.
This book is a must for anyone who deals with the restoration of historic vehicles: In a language that laypeople can understand, it provides practical help on more than 380 pages for the preservation and restoration of historic vehicles and provides deep insights into an area of ​​classic car restoration, which, despite its obvious role, has so far received little attention.

Please note that this book is written in German.

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