Klasing’s Car Books Volume 6. Breakdowns and How to Fix Them on the Tour Book

Delius Klasing

10 $

Do you know that too? You are traveling with your car when the connecting flange of a pipe suddenly breaks, a spark plug becomes unusable and you have no replacement, or one end of your car falls into a pit. That’s when you have volume 6 of the Klasings car book series with you. In it, engineer Georg v. Reichenbach expertly and concisely how “breakdowns and their elimination on tour” are mastered.

About the series:
Klasing’s car books were published regularly from 1914 and informed car owners about the maintenance, care and repairs of their own vehicles. 100 years later, the little books offer a lot of entertainment value and let us marvel at the repairs that the owner could carry out himself at the time. In the Edition Monsenstein & Vannerdat, the sixth volume of the series, which is now often out of print, is now available as a facsimile edition.

Please note that this book is written in German.

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