What Speaks Against Falling in Love with an Old Car? Book

Delius Klasing

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With 40 entertaining essays, Halwart Schrader takes on the challenge of answering one of the really big questions of our society: is it actually allowed to fall in love with an automobile?
If anyone can answer that question, it’s Halwart Schrader. As a journalist, author and publisher, he has dedicated well over fifty years of his eventful life to automotive cultural heritage, both professionally and privately. And not only being able to get inflamed again and again for motor-driven gems, but also for the people behind, under and on these vehicles. “What’s wrong with falling in love with an old car?” is more than just a solution for women and men who have given their lives to old cars and are now wondering whether that’s a concern. Because each of these stories is also an amiable retrospective of Halwart Schrader’s work and life, a biography of himself and other automotive personalities. We meet moments that should be remembered forever – be it a fleeting encounter with a mysterious hitchhiker or the beginning of a friendship with one or the other crazy Englishman. Incidentally, it is also clarified whether it is called a picnic, a pique-nique or a picnic, that Daimler is not just Daimler and whether Chiron really was a loser.

Please note that this book is written in German.

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