Forge Aluminium Gear Knob


116 $

This Forge Aluminium Gear Knob is purpose-designed billet aluminium for the Hyundai i30N.

  • Billet aluminium
  • 176.4g / 6.22 ounces
  • Direct fit for car

Forge designed this gear knob specifically to fit the i30N and its lift-up reverse shifter.

As with so much else that Forge make, it starts life as a nice billet of aluminium and then gets precision-machined down to size, with all the usual attention to detail.

The design is intended to evoke a piston head and is both cool looking and functional.

Forge have carefully weighted this to make for smooth shifts. A heavier gear knob can help make the shifter feel slick moving from one gear to the next.

The logo and shift pattern are etched into the top, and the finish is durable and long-lasting.

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