Azzurro Blue Driving Gloves


461 $

Made from the finest Peccary leather
Handcrafted in Italy
Premium OPINARI press button
Delivered in our unique Essentials case
OPINARI Key hanger
Certificate of authenticity
Owners manual
*excluding displayed watch

Azzurro, or blue, is known for a combination of different types of blue. These blue men’s driving gloves are made from the finest Peccary leather in the colors Blu blue (top) and Grigio Grey (palm) combined with a subtle blue stitch.

This combination creates a sporty yet elegant look to perfectly combine and match a modern-day sports car. Last but not least, the men’s driving gloves are fitted with the proud OPINARI logo in the gunmetal on the press button. Naturally, these driving gloves are handmade by the best artisans in Italy.

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