Deerskin Roper: Lined Gloves

Sullivan Glove

89 $

Soft and lightweight American deerskin. Deerskin has a beautiful grain finish and requires very little maintenance. Very good abrasion resistance and tolerates moisture well. A staple, basic dress or driving glove. Lined for spring, fall and winter. All purchases are cut and hand sewn to order. Please allow one week for product to ship! All leathers come from natural hides which may contain scarring, giving each pair its own character.


Measure around your palm… If you don’t have a soft tape measure.. use a string, mark it, lay it flat and measure it. This will give you your general size. If you like more or less room you could go up or down from there. See illustration by going to top of the website and selecting About :: Sizing. Lined gloves should fit true to size, you should not need to size down with a lined deerskin glove to get a nice snug fit.


  • 2.5-3oz American deerskin
  • Drum dyed in the United States
  • Made in Bend, OR, USA
  • Lined for spring, fall, and winter.

Suggested Uses

  • Fashion
  • Driving
  • Motorcycle
  • Hispter work glove 🙂
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