Legendary ‘Haymakers’ Super Welted™ Short Wrist American Deerskin Motorcycle Gloves

Legendary USA

173 $

Now Introducing our newest creation. Legendary ‘Haymakers’ Super Welted™ Short Wrist American Deerskin Motorcycle Gloves. 100% Made in USA. Handcrafted with precision, our ‘Haymakers’ are enhanced with Super Welted™ designed for maximal knuckle protection on both defensive and offensive situations. The Super Welted™ system is a signature design, which provide an ultra thick stream of protection running down the top knuckle making a powerful fist when need be. Softness, and flexibility of genuine deerskin leather. Meticulously made in the USA, these motorcycle gloves exemplify quality through the use of carefully selected leathers and top-tier threads, ensuring an extended lifespan and exceptional strength. The short wrist design, featuring an elasticized cuff at the wrist bone, not only delivers optimum throttle sensitivity but also elevates comfort to new heights. Please use our easy-to-understand sizing guide below. Available in a range of sizes to ensure a perfect fit, allowing you to enjoy the unmatched performance and comfort that Genuine Deerskin Short Gloves provide on every ride.
Soft, American Whitetail Deerskin leather construction
Touchscreen Thumb & Index Finger (cell phone touch)
Ultra Strong Waxed Thread, Finely Braided and Flattened
Reinforced stitching at stress areas
Elasticized wrist
Short wrist cuff
Made in USA
Proprietary Super Welted™

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