Yellow Bird Driving Gloves


451 $

The design of these driving gloves is inspired by the mighty RUF CTR YELLOWBIRD. Only 29 were made, which is fewer than the hallowed Ferrari 250 GTO, and yet the Yellowbird could often be found on a poster above a bed. Enough reason for us to dedicate a design to this iconic car.

It is designed keeping the legacy in mind hence it needed to be in our Time Honoured style. The Time Honoured collection serves the premium classic car driver with a pair of elegant and luxurious feeling driving gloves, handmade in Italy of the finest Peccary leather.

The top and palm of these men’s driving gloves are provided in yellow color. This driving gloves edition differs a little from the rest of the Time Honoured collection, as we decided to make the piping and button flaps of brown deerskin leather, to let it “pop”-out a little more. The thread is chosen in the same color as the piping. Of course, finished with our gunmetal press button.

Driving Gloves handcrafted in Italy by artisans, because we do not make compromises on our quality. Just look at the finishing of the knuckle holes and flaps.
We have used Peccary leather which has a luxury touch, is very durable, and provides tons of grip. The piping and button flaps are provided in deerskin.
These Driving gloves are finished with the premium OPINARI press button, a subtle detail in gunmetal.
The Yellowbird Men’s Driving Gloves are delivered in our unique Essentials case, the solution to store all your Driving Essentials in one place.
OPINARI drivers are proud drivers, to emphasize this, we deliver the OPINARI Key hanger along with your driving gloves. Use this key hanger to show you are a driver with style.
Our driving gloves come with a handwritten certificate of authenticity.
An extended Owners manual – to keep your pair of driving gloves in a good shape and to understand what and what not to do with them.
*excluding displayed watch

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