The Organic Specialty Tee in Light Brown

Café Leather

63 $

This organic cotton tee is the result of years of studious hard work and research with a central focus on fabric development and garment fitting.

Carefully selected high-grade raw organic cotton, this 210gms (7,5 oz) thick 14-count yarn was knit on vintage knitting machines in Portugal.

Crafted with 4-needle flat locked seems, the result produces a garment that will keep its shape after many wears and has a superior heavy handle.

The fabric is a garment dyed with vegetable tanning to produce a vintage look.

This Heavy Duty tee was created to emulate the vintage feel of classic Sportswear tees from the 50s & 60s, with a heavy handle and superior touch that soon become a wardrobe essential.

It also includes a bound crew neck collar with drop needle stitching and triple stitching throughout.

We use 210gms (7,5oZ) organic cotton fabric to produce the finnest and softness fabric in the market. We carfully dye using vegetable tannings to produce a vintage look. We also produce it in the most sustainable way, with no irrigation (only rainwater), no pesticides of any kind, and our seeds are free of genetic modification.

210gms (7,5 oZ) Organic Cotton Fabric
Vegetable Dyed for a vintage look
Please wash in cold water and prevent to mix colors (at least for first washes)
4-Needle Flat Locked Seems
Made in Portugal
Sick and tired of planned obsolescence, we make our products last, like in the old times. Products based on the best raw materials, and the best artisan hands. If you receive a defective product, or encounter damage beyond normal wear and tear, we offer free repairs and/or replacements.

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