BMW E36 Mixed Christmas Sweater

Petrol Passion

38 $


History behind the design

This year we are coming back with our beloved Christmas Sweaters again! We have two different variations of our Christmas Ugly Sweaters – Minimal, for more subtle look and Full-Festive Mode one! The design is fully made out of knit parts, I’m pretty sure you won’t see any other designs made like that. People usually just drop a silhouette of the car and they are done with it… We took our time to make it more special – at the top of Full-Festive variation you can see the BMW badge and on the bottom period-correct steering wheel from these vehicles. The Double P sign is our signature.

The final product

All of our designs are vector-based, because we seek to achieve best overall quality. Petrol Passion brand uses only high quality fabric for the products. We tried quite a few fabrics before we started selling our designs – it may be not the cheapest sweatshirt you can get, but it’s really durable and feels good on the body. All orders come with a personal note and eco-friendly packaging. You can get your Christmas Sweater in 3 different colours – Red, Burgundy or Green! This is a great gift for yourself or fellow enthusiast. Holidays are getting very close, so this is the time to get these presents on time!

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