Moby Dick 3D Sketch – Papercraft Car Sculpture – 1:8


215 $

The “Moby Dick 3D Sketch” is a collaborative artwork initially created in 2019 with artist and car designer Ivan Shmatov. Revenue will be shared with the artists.

This Papercraft Kit is honouring the legendary Porsche 935 in a stylish marker Sketch in striking orange.

You don’t have to cut anything as the papercraft is precisely cut and pre-creased to guarantee a perfect matching sculpture and a nice and easy-going build process. We put the perfect glue for the build of the Papercraft Car in the assembly kit for free.

The paper used for this papercraft car is a 250 GSM Bristol carton. Printed with the Amazing Sketches by Jawor, creating a truly unique look that you will not find anywhere else.


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