Porsche 356. MADE BY REUTTER Book

Delius Klasing

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The Porsche 356 – a sports car makes history

The Porsche 356 is not just any sports car. It is like a myth, a legend. It was born from the collaboration between two Stuttgart automobile companies that made history together: Porsche and Reutter.

Frank Jung, great-grandson of company founder Albert Reutter and head of the historical archive of Porsche AG since 2018, has set out on the trail of this legendary joint production. With many historical photos and previously unpublished documents, this book lets you take part in the exciting development of the Porsche 356.

Porsche and Reutter: an important piece of automotive history

Porsche and Reutter – this cooperation has written automotive history. On more than 300 pages and with 500 illustrations, Porsche 356. Made by Reutter tells an incomparable success story: The starting signal was the work on the forerunners and prototypes of the Volkswagen in the 1930s. Then the Reutter bodywork and the Porsche design office began to develop the first models for the Porsche 356. Frank Jung documents the entire production time of the Porsche 356 from 1949 to 1964 in all its development phases up to the successful 911 model. Former employees and contemporary witnesses report on the development process of the sports car legend, which is captured with unique pictures and texts.

  • Extended new edition with numerous new photos
  • Written by someone familiar with both brands
  • With over 500 historical illustrations and partly unpublished documents
  • With prototypes and special vehicles such as the 356 SL and Jagdwagen
  • Ideal gift for historically interested sports car fans

In this book, even passionate Porsche enthusiasts get new perspectives on their favorite brand. Experience a special chapter of Swabian industrial and automotive history!

Please note that this book is written in German.

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